Can you believe we just received our first copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas on Blu-ray? We used to just watch the film when it was on TV around Halloween, but who wants to wait for it to air, let alone have to suffer through commercials, right?

There are two movies that we absolutely have to watch as Halloween creeps closer – Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus, both of which have memorable lines and are family-friendly! 

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To celebrate one of our favorite Halloween movies, check out this collection of 14 treats and crafts featuring some of our favorite Halloween movie stars! 

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cookies

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cookies

These Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Cookies are inspired by her patchwork dress and are perfect for a family movie night or Disney themed Halloween party. They’re so bright and pretty, it’s hard to believe that such a ‘scary’ character was their inspiration!

Jack Skellington Goodie Bag


The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Craft Bag

This goody bag is perfect anytime you need a gift bag whether that’s Halloween, Christmas or a birthday. You can use the simple brown lunch bags you buy at the grocery store. This craft is ideal for classroom Halloween parties or for Trunk or Treat giveaways!

Create The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Party

The Nightmare Before Christmas Viewing Party

How to create a themed costume, popcorn, and cake pops for the perfect movie night at home or at a friend’s house! This is literally everything you need to celebrate this classic film!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Character T-Shirts

Jack Skellington and Sally character t-shirts

Using reverse applique and embroidery, you can create both a Jack and Sally t-shirt set that’s perfect for Halloween or a Halloween trip to Disney World!

The Nightmare Before Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

The Nightmare Before Christmas printable candy bar wrappers

This printable candy bar wrapper can be used as a card and a gift to let someone special know how much they mean to you. I love the colors and the characters – they’re sure to be a keepsake well after the candy bar is gone.

DIY The Nightmare Before Christmas Bullet Journal

DIY The Nightmare Before Christmas Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals are so hot right now, so I love this customized movie-themed journal! It only takes a few supplies and an inexpensive journal to get started.

Jack Skellington Themed Pumpkin

Jack Skellington themed pumpkin

Love The Nightmare Before Christmas? If so, you’ve got to make this awesome Jack Skellington pumpkin for Halloween! It’s fun, costs next to nothing and is so easy that even the kids can do it! And below is his perfect companion pumpkin.

Sally Skellington Themed Pumpkin

Sally Skellington themed pumpkin

This Sally Skellington pumpkin is perfect for fans of the Tim Burton classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas! This is so cute and far easier than I thought it would be.

Jack Skellington No-Bake Donut Pops

No Bake Jack Skellington Pops

These Jack Skellington Donut Pops are definitely easy and only require a few supplies. The perfect kind of Halloween treat! The fact that they’re no bake definitely inspires me to make a few!

Jack Skellington Pull Apart Cupcakes

The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Cupcakes

I can’t imagine that these pull apart cupcakes featuring the film’s favorite character aren’t going to be a HUGE hit at your next Halloween party.

Sally’s Stitched Sugar Cookies

Sally's Stitched Up Sugar Cookies

Of course you’ll be the hit at the school party when your kiddo walks in with a tray of these gorgeously frightful cookies! You can make them as simple or complicated as you like and decorating the whole batch will only take minutes.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Frog’s Breath Float

The Nightmare Before Christmas Frog's Breath Float

Sally makes a quick getaway by slipping nightshade into soup and covering it up with the belch of a frog. No one, however, will want to get away from this super adorable Frog’s Breath Float, made with zero actual frog’s breath!

Oogie Boogie Trick or Treat Bags

Oogie Boogie face treat bags

These bags are so cute, they make me want to trick or treat with the kiddos this year! They’re super easy to make and the post even includes the cutout files you need for Oogie Boogie faces!

Jack Skellington Homemade Sugar Cookies

Jack Skellington sugar cookies

Completely edible and totally adorably scary, these Jack Skellington sugar cookies are just too sweet to scare anyone. Well, maybe.

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