4 Tips For Hosting The Best Friendsgiving

4 Tips For Hosting The Best Friendsgiving

How to host a friendsgiving

As soon as November hits, we all get into full holiday mode. Decorating, cleaning, meal planning, gift buying – it all starts to take over. 

Before Thanksgiving and Christmas hit and our family takes over our lives and guest rooms, we like to take time out for our friends for a relaxing and fun Friendsgiving event

Friendsgiving Is Stress-Free

We like to think of Friendsgiving as a way to prepare our home and hearts (and patience) for our families during the holidays. Often, it seems, the family that is most centrally located and/or has the biggest house tends to host most often. We’re in that rotation now since we built our new home a few years ago. Luckily, we share hosting responsibilities with a select few family members, so we only host every couple of years.

Friendsgiving is a nice trial event to make sure that your meal timing and homemaking skills are on point for the holidays. These are your friends; they’re not here to judge. They just want good food, good drinks, and good company.

When a friend asks “What can I bring?” or “Do you need any help?”, always say YES! 

Friendsgiving Is A Great Time To Practice

Before the holidays, a zillion percent of people will be pinning ideas for holiday tablescapes. This is the perfect time to try out things that you love and want to try.

If you are hosting families with kids for the holidays, make sure that the kids have a separate table or that everything you put on the table is kid-safe. For example, you don’t want a place setting with lit candles in front of a 5-year-old.

It’s also a great time to try new dishes. Who better to give you their honest opinion than friends? I tend to think outside of the box – more often than my husband would like – when it comes to meals. I love to mix ingredients and try new things with classic dishes like cheesecake and he’d rather I just “left well enough alone.”

Take this opportunity to perfect the timing and preparation of your famous dishes like your worthy-of-a-standing-ovation-turkey or world family-famous mashed potatoes.

Tips for hosting Friendsgiving

Have Fun With Friendsgiving Table Centerpieces

Friendsgiving should be personal and more fun than other hosted holiday meals. Really personalize your place settings and centerpieces to your friends and what they love!

Have fun with non-traditional centerpieces like a tacky holiday tree that plays music. Maybe try wrapping old soup cans in wrapping paper and plant a variety of herbs that each guest can take home.

You might also have a selection of colored frosting and candies in the center with an blank gingerbread house at each place setting so that your friends can decorate their own house!

Use Friendsgiving To Discover New Family Traditions

Everyone has their own holiday traditions; some are amazing and some are ones that we’d rather forget (I’m talking to you, backyard cigar smokers). 

Sit with your Friendsgiving guests and talk about family traditions that they love. You might find one or two that you could adopt as your own!

One of my favorites is curling up with blankets and snacks after dinner and curling up to a good movie with my favorite people – my family!

Speaking of great movies…

Our Christopher Robin gift set from Disney


What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comment section below!


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