Labor Day marks the end of summer: the end of warm-weather vacations, hours in the swimming pool and our favorite, the summer barbecue. Well, maybe for you, but we actually love grilling even in the winter. There’s something about the taste of grilled food that makes food so much yummier!

But, since the kids head back to school and the weather starts getting cooler, it’s time for the one last summer barbecue bash. It’s time to make a #TargetRun for a few essentials.

Target BBQ

Hosting the ultimate barbecue isn’t that hard. You just need to remember that the small details make all the difference.

1. Don’t forget the key summertime beverages

barbecue drinks

First and foremost, you should be stocking plenty of cold water. Drinking alcohol and being in the sun, humidity and heat can all cause dehydration – or at the very least, a hefty thirst. Plus, you’ll want to have a non-sugary option for the kids. Target’s brand, Market Pantry, has purified drinking water that is cheap and very clean tasting.

If you’re stocking some alcoholic options for your guests, try shandies; they’re refreshing and actually a little hydrating if you don’t want to drink water. Our Target sells alcohol. Need I say more?

2. Keep your grilling simple

grill station condiments

Unless guests are bringing their own food, we like to stick with just one grill item, such as hamburgers. If you’re grilling multiple meats, you’re more likely to over- or undercook items.

You can instead dazzle your guests with the wide a variety of condiments and delicious sides. For chicken breasts, for example, you could get multiple marinades for different flavors (which Target’s Market Panty makes!) and have sides like pickles (which, eh hem, Target’s Market Pantry makes!), barbecue sauce, or fresh topping topping sold at select Target stores. Or, you might try the pickles and different kinds of cheeses for the hamburger.

3. Have a cooler filled with cheap, frozen desserts

Frozen treats at Target

Once dinner is done and the sun starts to set, everyone grabs their lawn chairs and sits down to relax, whether it’s by the fire or near the horseshoe pits. This is a great time to surprise your guests with a cooler full of fudge pops, Popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and other inexpensive but delicious treats!

There’s so much at Target that can help keep your guests cool.

4. Don’t forget about the kids

barbecue games for kids


Be sure to have fun games and things to do for kids at the barbecue. We found these super cute placemats at Target that have things that kids can color, puzzles, and games, and has a blank side for whatever they’d like to draw. This will keep them busy while they’re eating, or once they’re finished, settle them down before they head home for the evening.

Make sure to visit the sports equipment area at Target, too! They always have fun lawn and pool games and this time of year, you might find a few on clearance 🙂

5. Create this fun cutting-board tray to make grilling easier

cutting board tray


Using a cutting board and a few drawer handles we found at Target, we created this very handy cutting board tray. We can use it to cut meat at the grill or to carry items we need to and from the grill and the kitchen.

It’s easy to make following the instructions here and it’s the perfect way to put an old, unused cutting board to use!

What’s your #TargetRun for your Labor Day grilling?


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