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Can anyone tell me where summer went? Seriously! I feel as though this kids just got out of school last week and we were making our plans for the summer months. Now, we’ve bought school clothes and supplies, we’re adjusting to new bed times, and honestly, trying to maintain wellness with busy routines.

5 ways to stay healthier during the school year

1. Make sure everyone is getting enough sleep! I can’t stress this enough. Sleep is so important. If you’re sometimes unable to get the sound, quality sleep you need, Try Sundown Naturals® Melatonin Adult Gummies. They’re easy to take, taste great, and work well for occasional sleeplessness. Sundown Naturals® are free of gluten, dairy, and artificial flavors◊ and are easily found at Walmart.

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2. Speaking of Sundown Naturals, try introducing good bacteria into your system. Did you know that probiotics are friendly bacteria for the digestive system? Promoting a healthy digestive tract and a healthy immune system are two huge benefits of probiotics, so it makes sense that Sundown Naturals® Probiotic Adult Gummies, with 2 BILLION live cultures per serving at time of manufacture, could be hugely beneficial to helping you keep your immune system healthy!

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3. Eating a healthy lunch is sometimes something we forget, especially when we live for our kids and our own busy lifestyles. Fruits, veggies, protein, low in calories – we need to remember not only to actually eat lunch, but to eat a well-balanced lunch. Take some time on the weekends, when life is usually not as hectic, and prepare lunches ahead of time.

4. Put hand sanitizer in every room! It’s easy to use hand sanitizer if it’s in nearly every room of the house. Yes, I’ve heard the rumors that we can build immunity to the ingredients but honestly, I’ll take my chances. In fact, in my past life before blogging, I was a surgical tech. We used hand sanitizer in between scrubs before surgeries. If it’s good enough for surgeons, it’s good enough for my family!

5. Call in sick! If your kids are sick, or if you’re sick, enjoy the time at home. Don’t leave the house or send your kids to school because others will get sick. Then, once you’re better, your immune system is weaker and your streak will continue. Rest, take your meds or drink your soup, and for God sake, save the rest of us!

These 5 ways to stay healthier during the school year are easy to follow and, once your family gets used to taking their daily vitamins, washing their hands, and using hand sanitizer, good healthy habits can become like second nature. On the rare occasions that you or your family does get sick, remember to stay home, enjoy soap operas and a hot bowl of chicken soup!

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