7 Recipes For Leftover Easter Ham

Someone asked me how it is I have leftovers for Easter. It’s always been a tradition in my family to get just a bit more food than we’ll need for Easter dinner because we love leftovers so much. Since I was little, whenever we’d go to a restaurant to eat, my mom would always have a takeout box in hand when we left. I do the same now that I’m an adult. So it’s not uncommon that we have leftovers for Easter.

After a ham and egg breakfast the next day, it’s then that we decide that perhaps we’ve cooked a bit too much ham, though we do the same thing every year. We just needed to find more creative ways to use the leftover ham. So, for those like us who love leftover ham, here are 7 recipes for leftover Easter ham!

leftover ham


1. Homemade Macaroni Ham & Cheese

leftover ham recipes

2. Ham, Egg & Cheese Lunch Muffins

3. Baked Potato And Ham Soup

4. Simple & Quick Ham and Bean Soup

5. Rich & Creamy Ham and Kale Casserole

6. Cheesy Ham & Egg Sandwiches

7. BONUS: Deluxe Baked Potato with Ham AND Ham Scramble!

leftover ham recipes


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