7 Spooky Halloween Treats Perfect For Your Next Halloween Party

Decorations for any Halloween party are easy; just hit any dollar store, box store, or craft store. But, coming up with great ideas for spooky Halloween treats that are edible and cute is a bit more difficult. 

We found 7 amazing ideas for Halloween treats that are spooky and perfect for your next party.

Ghost Crisped Rice Treats

Spooky Halloween Treats - Ghost Crisped Rice Treats

Definitely the right amount of spook, even for the little ones, these Ghost Crisped Rice Treats from our friend, The Rebel Chick, are too cute not to share at your next party or for a class treat.

Leaky Cauldron Brownies

Halloween Treats - Leaky Cauldron Brownies

These are so cute and can be a fun way to customize with your favorite candies. These Leaky Cauldron Brownies are delicious and sweet and perfectly bite-sized, thanks to Jade Louise Designs!

SkinnyGirl Hummus

Halloween Treats - Skinny Girl Hummus

Not all Halloween treats need to be sweet, but they can still be delicious! This Skinnygirl brand Hummus can be made for the holiday, thanks to this super cute garnish idea from Viva Veltoro!

Funny Bones

Halloween Treats - Funny Bones

The combination of sweet and salty might be what makes these Funny Bones so amazing, but we’re pretty sure it’s because they’re so cute… and perfectly creepy! They actually look like real bones, but they’re 100% edible, thank to Simply Being Mommy.

Salty Bones Breadsticks

Halloween Treats- Bread Stick Bones

There’s no ‘bones’ about it; our friends at Simply Being Mommy were sure ‘boning’ up (that’s the last pun, we promise) on their spooky recipes! These breadsticks bones are too cute and perfect for dipping.

Edible Halloween Witches Hats

Halloween Treats - Edible Witches Hats

These witches hats are so cute, I could eat them right up! Wait… I think I will! These are so easy to make and are sure to be a big hat hit at your next Halloween party, thanks to our friends at The Simple Parent.

Witches Broom Snacks

Halloween Treats - The BEST Witches Broom Stick Snacks

Honestly, I’ve seen many attempts at edible witches brooms, but these are by FAR the best I’ve ever seen! They’re cute, they’re easy to make, and more importantly, they look more like the real thing, thanks to attention to detail from our amazing friends at Thrifty Jinxy.

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