7 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

7 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

I can’t imagine anyone more excited for spring than I. We moved into our new home at the start of winter, so all season long we’ve been staring at a barren yard with no trees or grass and now, as the snow melts, a muddy, mucky mess.

I want to get out of this house and plant gardens and get a swing set for the kids and pour our paved sidewalk – finally. I’m certain that our UPS delivery man will be thrilled about not having to walk on plywood boards to get to our front porch.

Here are 7 ways that we’ve found to start to bring spring into our home as we prepare for warmer weather outside!

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7 Ways To Welcome Spring Into Your Home

1. Trade out those heavy window curtains for airy sheers. Once you put away those heavy window treatments for something sheer or lightweight and colorful, it will make a huge difference in any room. It will allow the bright sun in and creates the illusion of warmth when the windows are open and the sheer is blowing in the breeze.

2. Switch out your tired old bed sheets. Opt for bright colors and patterns as well as lighter fabrics like cottons. Be careful, though – you won’t want your sheets to be so gorgeous that you don’t want to leave your bedroom!

3. Clean out your closet. Get in the mood for a little cleaning by bagging up those heavy winter clothes and hanging those pretty sundresses, sun-welcoming tank tops and t-shirts and comfy shorts. If anything, ladies, it gives us an excuse to go shopping to refresh our wardrobe!

4. Give your rooms a fresh start. Did you know that just rearranging your furniture and refreshing or adding new decorative pieces can give a room a whole new look and feel?

5. Brighten your kitchen. One of my favorite things to do for a new holiday or season is to trash my old pot holders and recycle our old tea towels and get new ones. They’re quite inexpensive and just those few pieces can add a pop of color and festive fun to your kitchen.

6. Find a new table cloth. You know those people with the concrete geese on their porch, dressed for the appropriate season? That’s me, except with my kitchen table. I love finding really inexpensive tablecloths (I usually buy end of season or end of holiday clearance ones) and changing them out with each new holiday or season. My vinyl Easter egg one is easy to clean, has pretty pastel colors, and lightens the feel of my kitchen.

7. Don’t forget the seating. Just like changing out your winter-dreary sheets makes a difference in your bedroom, adding bright, spring-friendly throw pillows to your sofa can make a difference in your living room. Find ones that accent your existing furniture and will last through spring and summer.

I’m not the only one sharing seven things about spring! Check out my fellow Chosen Chix and see their thoughts on spring:

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