A Clorox Clean In New Scrub Singles #ad

A Clorox Clean In New Scrub Singles #ad

I wish I didn’t have to, but I do. While I’m grateful for 2 and ½ bath, I realize I now have 3 toilets to clean. Three toilets that a man, a teen boy with poor aim, and a preschooler use. I use them, of course, but I’m the epitome of cleanliness. Always.


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We also have gross kitchen sinks, countertops that get God-knows-what stuck to them, a laundry sink in which the messiest of all messes is dealt with, and a myriad of other surfaces that just need a thorough and disinfected clean. A Clorox clean.

Check out these new Clorox® ScrubSingles™ kitchen pads. They’re amazing for cleaning and so convenient.

Clorox® ScrubSingles™ kitchen pads are flexible, disposable scrubbing pads come preloaded with Clorox cleaner to help power through stuck-on messes. From stovetops to countertops and almost every surface in between, they’re an easier way to clean. Patio furniture, grease, walls, floors, tubs, sinks – the list is endless but the cleaning, it seems, never ends.

Where could you use Clorox® ScrubSingles™ kitchen pads in your house?

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