A Full Size Cordless Vacuum That Works: Hoover Air™ Cordless Series 3.0 #NoCordNoBull

A Full Size Cordless Vacuum That Works: Hoover Air™ Cordless Series 3.0 #NoCordNoBull

When we moved from a 900 square foot house to an over 2,600 square foot house, a lot of things changed. We actually had room for our king sized bed, the kids had room to play, they each had their own space, and our cleaning routine changed tremendously. We had many more crevices to dust, more hardwood and tile to mop, and a ton more carpet to vacuum. We now have stairs and a whole other floor to vacuum. 

While I loved the full sized vacuum we were using – and it’s not a cheap vacuum – it just wasn’t convenient to haul up and down the stairs, let alone with which to vacuum our stairs. We needed the convenience of a cordless, but in a full size. 

Hoover cordless upright vacuum is perfect for any size house

The Hoover Air™ Cordless Series 3.0 Upright Vacuum has fit our needs perfectly. Not having to worry about a cord means you have freedom to move about your home with ease; no plugging and unplugging, no winding and rewinding and most importantly, no tripping, tugging or tangling. I am likely the most klutzy person alive, and one less thing to trip over in my life is a good thing.

Hoover cordless gives you up to 50 minutes of cleaning power without a cord

Hoover actually has multiple products with an interchangeable battery that provide versatility to tackle a variety of messes with just the right tool for the job, whether it’s the whole house or picking up a quick mess. We have the Hoover FloorMate that we got as a wedding present, but I’m thinking we upgrade to their new Hoover FloorMate Cordless! 

Hoover Cordless Vacuum has a boost of power for tough jobs, especially cat and dog hair

You’ll love the cordless line of vacuums and floor cleaners from Hoover. Only the cordless line is powered by an interchangeable battery system that works with all products in the Hoover cordless line. The LithiumLife batteries have double the capacity of standard 18-volt lithium Ion batteries which means longer runtime and fade-free power. That means that once the battery dies, it dies. It doesn’t slowly fade power, leaving behind a mess that you can’t see.

And, of course, it features Hoover’s Windtunnel 3 technology which provides powerful suction power to lift and remove dirt. Check out the new line of Cordless floor cleaners from Hoover to make your cleaning, big or small, a lot easier!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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