Affordable custom blinds for your home

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When you’re on a budget or live in a rental, there isn’t much you feel that you can do as far as changing the look of a room. A fresh coat of paint – as long as the color is one that’s neutral and approved by the landlord – can make a huge difference. A new lamp and perhaps  new curtains can do the trick. We purchased energy-efficient curtains last winter because they not only kept the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but they also blocked much of the light when we watched movies.

Here’s what we discovered with curtains; they were bulky looking – which made the room look smaller – they had limited mobility which caused them to cover most of the window, and because we have an older home, they would block the window air conditioners during the summer. We purchased cheap blinds for the kids’ rooms, but that’s how they looked – cheap.

Before custom blinds

I’ll be honest, I hate even showing our before photo. Our living room (left) looked dingy because of the almost-white energy-efficient curtains that were bulky and depressing. We tried for a lighter option in our dining room, but it looked lazy and when we installed our air conditioner, we realized that curtains allow for partial cover of the unit or full open exposure of the window.

Custom blinds makeover

With our custom blinds from, our living room is transformed! It’s lighter, it’s pretty, and it’s custom without the custom cost. I installed them myself and it took under half an hour to do three window installations.

Inside or Outside Mount

You can measure your blinds for an inside our outside mount, but depending on your windows, I think the inside mount looks much more custom and tailored. Inside mount also allows for further window dressing customization, such as the sheer drapes we  added to our living room windows. custom blinds Makes It Easy has an amazing collection of resources to help you from start to finish – from measuring your windows for installation to showing you how to install your blinds to caring for your blinds. I was terrified once I submitted my measurements, but since I followed their instructions, I nailed it perfectly! I am tickled pink with my new blinds and I can’t imagine ever purchasing another option besides

It cost about $250 to cover three of our windows with custom blinds with our choice of color and mount and cordless so that they’re safer for our toddler and other kids that visit. Thanks to our friends at, you can enter to win a $100 gift certificate to their site to transform your home!

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