When my son, now 17-years-old, started playing sports in school and over the summer, I was thrilled! Then, my daughter started grade school and wanted to “play all the sports” and I panicked a little. Trying to keep their schedules straight and stay in touch with coaches and other players and parents was a nightmare. What about volunteers? Who’s bringing the snacks? It’s raining – does that mean practice is cancelled? Do we need to bring equipment for practice drills?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’re a sports parent, you know these struggles too well, so maybe it’s time for TeamSnap! TeamSnap is a free app that is every coach’s, organizer’s, and parent’s dream. It makes organizing and communicating team life easier, which is something we all need, especially if you have more than one child involved in team sports.

TeamSnap is the organization app for parents and coaches

TeamSnap helps parents and coaches manage the logistical nightmare of keeping schedules straight, knowing when practices are, who’s in charge of the equipment, who’s turn it is to volunteer, and where everyone needs to be and when. TeamSnap is used by over 15 million coaches, parents, team managers, and players to stay in the know via email, text, and instant alerts to their mobile phone.

In fact, TeamSnap is the number one management app for coaches, managers, and organizers and used by over a million teams around the globe! Dragon boat teams, swim teams, PTAs, baseball teams, kickball teams, hockey teams, soccer teams, and even a team of dancing Christmas elves all rely on TeamSnap to stay in contact and keep each other informed and organized.

The app every sports parents should have
 Sign up today and create your team website – it’s completely free, to just pennies per team member per month, with no commitment required. You can use the app to manage your team’s roster, communicate schedules and news, save photos, and even collect participation, uniform, or other fees.
Everything in life should be as easy as having a team management app in your pocket. TeamSnap is the best sports team management app to help you sync schedules, send updates, collect fees, share photos and more, all while you’re on the go!
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