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Usually, the only jewelry I wear is my wedding and engagement ring, always together because I had them fused. I love rings the most, I also love wearing necklaces and usually have an infinity sign on a delicate chain. I like to stick with what I love. 

Every once in a while, though, I do like to change up my style and wear something new. Find new favorites or spoil myself for a special occasion. I’m not always hanging out in my pajamas; I’ve attended a few parties and walked a red carpet in my day. That’s why I love having a subscription to Rocksbox.

Rocksbox April Reveal

Rocksbox is a jewelry subscription service that helps to make your life easier and more stylish. For only $21/month, treat yourself by trying 3 pieces of jewelry at a time with free shipping both ways! Unlike other subscription-based services, Rocksbox lets you choose your favorite styles, colors, and designers.

Rocksbox April Reveal packaging

I was first surprised by the quality of the jewelry that I received. Designer names like Kendra Scott, Kate Spade, House of Harlow, Sophie Harper, and more that would otherwise make this jewelry very expensive. With Rocksbox, you get to browse thousands of exclusive and designer styles and add them to wishlist as you like. Your stylist will style your set according to your preferences and even include a few of your wishlist items, not random items that aren’t your style.

April Rocksbox Reveal

Once you receive your three pieces, you can wear them for as long as you’d like. There’s no rush to return them, which I love. It never fails – I find jewelry online or in stores that I think I’ll love, then discover that the ring I chose is uncomfortable or the necklace sits too high on my neck. 

With Rocksbox, if you learn that you don’t like the items you receive, just return them and they’ll send you three new items! If you do find an item that you love, or you want to keep all three, just use your $21 credit towards your purchase (credit is good for one month and does not carry over). Invite friends and family to try the service and for each one that subscribes, you’ll receive another $25 credit.

April Rocksbox reveal silver and diamond ring

With your shipment, you’ll receive a prepaid label and a reusable envelope in which to send back your items you don’t want to keep. Whether you want to try the latest trends or add more classic staples to your jewelry collection, Rocksbox has you covered. I wasn’t sure that I would like the Gorjana ring in silver that they sent, but it’s actually turned out to be my favorite piece in my set and will likely not be sent back.

Rockbox April unboxing reveal necklace

April Rocksbox reveal necklace silver

Rocksbox jewelry subscription box April Reveal

The Lexi Choker in silver by Perry Street was the item that I thought I would adore, but it turns out that I’m not a big fan of chokers so that’s a piece I’ll return. Knowing that I can also adjust my preferences and leave feedback for each of the pieces that I receive which will allow my stylist to further customize my future shipments. 

How much it costs for a Rocksbox jewelry subscription and what was in my April box

At first glance, I thought the pieces seemed really expensive, but they’re not like jewelry that you would find at places like Target or other stores. They’re sturdy, nicely made, and are of great quality. For each shipment, you’ll receive your $21 credit towards your purchase (which is nearly 50% off) as well as a discount if you purchase all three pieces of jewelry. I actually looked up jewelry pieces from these designers and the savings with Rocksbox is real as far as I can tell.

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