Are You Spending Too Much On Your Skin Care Regimen?

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Skin Care Regimen?

No one is without skin care issues, whether you struggle with dry skin like I do, or you’re looking for anti-aging or acne-free solutions. For my skin care problems, I’ve tried everything from $4 grocery store buys to those “Oh my God! It costs how much?” moments at the department store makeup counters.

Imagine getting dermatologist-strength skin care products with natural ingredients at drugstore prices. Imagine being able to buy them from your local Rite Aid.

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I received products specialized for my needs to facilitate this review as part of my partnership with Rite Aid as a Rite Aid Network. All opinions are my own. You look nice in that shirt. You should wear it more often.

Not only was I surprised that Receutics Active Skin Care products can be found at Rite Aid, I surprised at how little they cost for how well they work.

The science behind Receutics

Receutics dermatologist-strength products combine highly potent natural nutrients along with antioxidants clinical proven to work fast and get results. Unlike other products on the market, we use scientifically proven, cutting-edge ingredients to replenish, repair and renew skin at a cellular level—all so your skin feels and looks healthier and more radiant.

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First Receutics reduces the stress in your skin that might be irritating, damaging and are prematurely aging your skin with enzymes and inflammation that disrupt healthy skin from being produced. Once your skin’s stress level has been reduced, highly potent nutrients, such as fruit seed extracts, amino acids, vitamins and essential fatty acids to support and stimulate your skin’s natural repair and renewal process.   

Honestly, you don’t have to know all that to know that it works. I had my doubts, and wish I’d taken before and after photos, but I felt immediate results and saw more results over time.

What is your biggest skin care concern? Do you find that you spend too much on your current skin care regimen?

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