I’m thankful to live where we do. Our surroundings feel much like we’re in the middle of nowhere, but we’re within a 5 minute drive of a college town with great restaurants and shopping. But, that doesn’t mean that we’re completely safe from crime and I love how our new Arlo home security system from Netgear allows us to keep an eye on the house outside, as well as what’s going on inside. 

We received the Netgear Arlo system to facilitate our review. All opinions are our own.

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There it is. Where most people won’t see it. But, every time there’s movement, I get an email. If someone pulls in my driveway, whether I’m home or not, I get an email. I can turn off notifications if I don’t want them, but since most of our TV viewing is in the back of the house, I like getting notifications when UPS delivers or when my hubby gets home.

We were provided with the Netgear Arlo system to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own and were not influenced.

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Arlo from Netgear is 100% wire-free, weatherproof and awesome. With Arlo, I can keep an eye on my home while we’re gone, we can tell when packages are delivered so I know when I need to be home, and because of it’s wide view, we can even keep an eye on our neighbor’s house – they just happen to be my in-laws. You’d be surprised what you can capture with Arlo’s 720p video that in a 110-degree field of view.



This bee hates our @arlosmarthome camera apparently.

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Having no cords means that Arlo can be placed anywhere. You can mount them in your baby’s room and use it as a monitor. You can place them outside as a security system. You can even place one in the playroom to make sure your kids are getting along. Too bad Arlo can’t make them get along!

Home Security System Netgear

Connect up to 15 cameras to the cloud and watch up to four cameras at once. Everything connects to an app so Arlo is with you on the go. It helps us feel safer as parents, especially when my teenager is home alone. 

There’s no monthly subscription fee, unlike many other security systems. You can view, save or share cloud recordings made anytime within the last 7 days for free, but you have the option to upgrade for even more storage and features. Arlo even has night vision for security 24-hours a day.

Netgear Arlo Home Security

Arlo kits start at $199 which is an amazing price for what you get, including a sense of security! For more information, be sure to visit Arlo online and follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.


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  1. Hello, I just received this system and wanted to know how you mounted it to the soffit area in your first photo of the post?

    1. Hi, Jason. We have a magnetic piece that we attached there. We assumed they would have fallen by now, but have survived through several harsh seasons in Ohio!

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