How Atom Tickets Will Help You Avoid Long Lines At The Movies

How Atom Tickets Will Help You Avoid Long Lines At The Movies

Before technology was as commonly used as it is today, even something simple as planning a night at the movies was a chore. We didn’t get to go to the movies often when I was a kid because we didn’t have a lot of money and we could rarely agree on the same movie. It also took what felt like an entire afternoon to find just the right movie, looking through the theater section in the newspaper. You guys, the newspaper!

It’s all apps now. It’s no longer a joke to say “there’s an app for that” because there usually is and movies are no exception.Atom Tickets is the easy way to search for a movie, pay for it, and get your ticket


Have you used Atom Tickets, yet? Atom Tickets is a new technology startup that allows you to easily discover new movies, browse trailers, read reviews, and plan your next night out at the movies, all from within the app. No newspaper required!

You also don’t need paper tickets (save the trees!) or even to debate about which movie to see. Just use your phone to purchase tickets and concessions and, upon arriving at the theater, skip the line at the box office and walk directly to the ticket attendant or concession counter. They’ll just scan the QR code on your phone and you’re in!

Atom Tickets will save you time buying movie tickets and concessions

Yes, I said EVEN CONCESSIONS. Do you realize what a time saver that is? The decisions we make there are the hardest part of movie night sometimes! For families, that means no waiting in line with kids and no waiting outside for others to arrive.

It’s a completely free app that you can download from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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Looking forward to testing out Atom Tickets on your mobile phone? Here’s a special gift when you do! Purchase 1 adult ticket to see Power Rangers and you’ll receive 2 kids tickets free when you use promo code FAMILYPOWER!

For more information and rewards, be sure to follow Atom Tickets on Twitter and on Facebook.

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