We’re almost a month away from the theatrical release of what is sure to be the biggest film of the year, and definitely a big deal for Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity War! Fans are speculating who will live or die, who will carry on the Captain America moniker as Chris Evans leaves the MCU, and how the film will change the future for our favorite superheroes.

We’re definitely victims of the Infinity War fever as the kids and I count the days until the film opens in theaters. In fact, to celebrate the release of the film, we’ve busted out our favorite cutout cookie recipe from Christmas and added a bit of a Marvel touch to them.

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Cookies

Infinity Stones Cookies

Our Infinity Stones Cookies are easy to make and way more fun to decorate than Christmas cookies! First, start with our favorite cutout cookie recipe at the bottom of this post. One the cookies are cooled, you can top them with a smooth fondant or you can make a Royal Icing and mix to flood consistency.

Floodconsistency royal icing is a thinner, runnier icing that fills in (or “floods”) an area outlined in piping or 15-second consistency icing on the cookie. It’s the fastest way to completely cover a cookie in icing.

To make flood-consistency icing, add a small amount of water to your basic recipe (I used premade Royal Icing mix from Wilton) until you’re left with royal icing that’s a bit runnier than honey. If you scoop some up with a spoon and plop it back into the bowl, you should see the icing blend back together in a few seconds. If you can’t make it work, or it’s not smooth enough, then I recommend fondant. Mine aren’t as smooth as I’d like, so I may try fondant next time.

Don’t get frustrated; flood-consistency icing takes time to perfect. It’s much easier if you use a thicker consistency to outline the cookie first.

I also didn’t use a cookie cutter for these. I rolled out my cookie batter and just cut various shapes by trimming the points at various angles.

These Infinity Gauntlet cookies are the perfect way to celebrate the opening of Avengers: Infinity War

Cutting the cookies like this is easy because they don’t have to be perfect. They can be various shapes and sizes and still work for this project. Once your frost your cookies, allow them to dry overnight.

To make our color, we mixed a good amount of Wilton Gel Icing colors. I love the gel because the colors are deeper and don’t affect the consistency of the “paint” we’re making. I used a toothpick to scoop out a small amount of gel color. Then, I added just a drop or two of Vodka to water it down. If you don’t want to use Vodka, you might try alcohol based bakery emulsions, which are like extracts but have stronger flavors so use sparingly. Honestly, the Vodka doesn’t affect the taste of the cookie.

For our Infinity Gauntlet cookies, we mixed gel food coloring with a drop of Vodka.

Once your color is mixed with the Vodka, use a small paint brush – one that is soft and flexible, not stiff – to dip into the color and “paint” the cookie. For this batch, I also used edible pearl dust to give it a pretty glean.

Mix your paint for these Infinity Gauntlet cookies and using a paint brush, apply to the cookies.

Be sure to use all six colors that represent the Infinity Stones – redpurplebluegreenyellow, and orange. For the lighter colors like yellow, you may want to apply a second coat.

Avengers Infinity War Gauntlet cookies

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet cookies

I love the watercolor look of these cookies because it makes them look more jewel tones! Plus, the kids had a lot of fun making them with me and eating them! 

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