The Best Way To Manage And Store Photos: ‘Ever’ Is All You Need

This year, my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon in Ireland. It was filled with firsts for the both of us and if you’ve ever seen a single photo of Ireland, then you know that there isn’t a square mile of that country that isn’t gorgeous! I took so many photos. So. Many. I didn’t want to forget a single view.

Then we got home. We adjusted to life stateside; sad, with no oceanic panoramas. Then came photo organization and remembering which gorgeous scenery belonged to which location. Between the two of us, we took over 500 photos and they all needed to be organized. 

Once I heard about Ever, the photo storage and organization service, I was thrilled!

Organize your photos and store them securely with Ever

As a blogger and as a mom, I take TONS of photos. There are services and clouds that can store my photos and there are ones that will help me organize them all or create mementos. Ever is the only comprehensive service that both stores my photos and organizes them for me securely. They will also soon add features that will help me create photo books and other items with my photos!

The app, available for both iOS and Android, is the ONLY comprehensive photo storage and organization service that automatically and securely collects and organizes your photos. It can help you with photos from your smartphone, social media accounts, texts, emails, or anywhere else that you store photos.

Photo storage and organization is easier with Ever

One thing I love so far about Ever is that it can create custom throwbacks, albums, flip books, and slideshows from my photos and I can choose to customize and share them with friends or family. This also means that I can now free up all that space from my smartphone so I’m ready to take even more photos.

I also know that I won’t lose my photos (which happened with a certain cloud service) because Ever stores my photos on a super secure server many times over so if I get a new phone, drop my phone in the pool, or lose my phone, my photos are never lost.

I’ve already uploaded over 500 photos to Ever and it’s intelligent super computer (my words, not theirs) has already started organizing and storing them for me. Even our our precious and likely once-in-a-lifetime photos from our honeymoon in Ireland – a task I found far too overwhelming on my own.


For professional photographers or those who take a lot of video and high resolution photos, there’s also Ever Plus. It’s a paid subscription that allows storage of full resolution photos and videos. Otherwise, Ever is a FREE service!

For more information on Ever, be sure to follow them on Twitter and on Facebook, and join in the fun with the Ever team on their Instagram!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ever, though our opinions are our own and were not influenced in any way.

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