The Brand New (And Last) Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Here!

The Brand New (And Last) Beauty And The Beast Trailer Is Here!

The premier is just over a month away and trust me when I say, we’re counting down the days until the new live action Beauty and the Beast hits theaters!

Since it was first announced, we’ve been fully absorbing whatever drops of information Disney would feed us, and now the wait is nearly over!

The new trailer also features a snippet of the new duet with Ariana Grande and John Legend. We also see the reimagining of the signature yellow ballgown, the ethereal spin of Belle and Beast around the ballroom, and a few old friends in the form a candelabra, a clock, a teapot, and more!

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as Belle, Dan Stevens as the Beast, Ewan McGregor as Lumiere, Luke Evans perfectly portrays Gaston, Kevin Kline stars Belle’s dad Maurice and Josh Gad as Gaston’s sidekick. You’ll also see (and hear!) Ian McKellen, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald and Emma Thompson.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast opens in theaters on March 17th.

Is anyone else counting the moments until the “Be Our Guest” singalong?

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