Build Your Child’s Imagination With Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits

Build Your Child’s Imagination With Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits

Antsy Pants Build and Play Kits and Covers are designed to nurture little minds to imagine big. Build your structure and choose a cover, or create your very own build. Limitless play for limitless fun.

Your child's imagination comes to life with Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits

One thing we don’t have a shortage of here is cardboard boxes. Remember when we were little and the coveted refrigerator box was the greatest thing to happen to a household with kids? We could build just about anything, drawing pirate flags, rockets, steering wheels and tires – whatever our little imaginations could conjure.

With Antsy Pants Build & Play kits, kids no longer need that oversized refrigerator box that took up way too much room no matter where we played. 

Three different build kits from Antsy Pants allow your children to bring their imagination to life

Durable and easy-to-assemble, Antsy Pants kits are made with Snap and Click™ poles and connectors make building your playhouse, pirate ship, obstacle course, ice cream truck, or more, a snap! Antsy Pants is easy to disassemble and store, making it a favorite for both kids and parents.

The pieces are so easy to assemble and store well, and even our little one was able to help! We chose the large Build & Play kit with the pirate ship cover and she couldn’t have been more excited! I love how you can choose other covers to go with each kit so that you’re not purchasing a complete kit each time your child’s imagination roams to something else. You just take the kit apart, follow new build instructions, and place a new cover on for a play scenario that’s completely new.

Build & Play Kits from Antsy Pants lets your child's imagination come to life!

There are 3 sizes of kits – small, medium, and large – and there are five different covers for the small kit, four different covers for the medium, and two covers from which to choose for the large kit.

Our pirate ship even came with accessories like the cover with 2 cutout porthole windows, 2 flags, and 4 sails. We had it set up for her 7th birthday party, (because it had an underwater theme) and there were at least 4-5 kids playing with it and the darn thing never broke apart. It’s that sturdy!

Play pirates with your child with the Antsy Pants Pirate Ship Build & Play Kit

We’re having such fun with our Antsy Pants Build & Play kit that we’re thinking about ordering another. We love the different configurations, the fact that the kits are so sturdy and easy to assemble, and the instructions weren’t difficult to follow.

Antsy Pants Build & Play Kits and Covers are only available at Target and start at $29.99 for the small build and play kits. You can also find accessories for your kits like pretend food, registers, and more! We were provided with the above kit to facilitate our review, though all opinions are our own.

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