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How To Help Law Enforcement With Your DNA

Discovering your ancestors used to mean spending hours in libraries and government offices looking through dusty old books and microfilm. Now, it's as simple as spitting in a cup. With a collection of saliva, you can use sites like 23andMe,, and about a half dozen more, you can trace your family back for generations! …
Manscaped grooming products for men
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Manscaped Review: The Perfect Package For Your Package?

I never thought I would be writing a post with the word balls that didn't include a sport. However, we were invited to give Manscaped a try and knew we had to share it with our readers. Manscaped is a brand that produces a full line of specially formulated hygiene products and tools specially designed …
Smile Brilliant's cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush giveaway
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Brush With The cariPRO Ultrasonic Toothbrush {Giveaway}

This month, I started using the cariPRO Electric Toothbrush from Smile Brilliant. Despite suggestions from my dentist, I’ve never tried an electric or battery-operated toothbrush; only manual. I wasn’t going to buy into the hype of something that I believed wouldn’t make that much of a difference. I was wrong. The best (and obviously most …

My new prescription glasses from Coastal
Fashion & Beauty health Prescription Glasses Review: How They’ve Made A Huge Difference

I was a child of the late 70s/early 80s so yes, I had those glasses. You will never see a photo of me in these glasses, but they existed. You know the ones; big frames that ate my face, likely said something like “Rainbow Brite” or some other pop culture reference on the side. I …

Fight colds and flu naturally with Mentholatum No Mess Vaporizing Rub

Fighting Cold And Flu Season Naturally: Mentholatum No Mess Vaporizing Rub

It’s true. This time of year, it begins. The kids are coming home with coughs, colds, and the flu. Which then means we start to get the coughs, the cold, and the flu. As the wise Obi-Wan said, “They’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.” Think I’m kidding? Did you know that there are …