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Personalized Shirts For Disney
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3 Reasons We Adore Our Personalized Shirts For Disney From Custom Ink

Check our our unboxing of our personalized shirts for Disney World from our friends at Custom Ink! For the first time in forever (literally), my husband and I decided to take our daughter on her first-ever vacation to Disney World Obviously, my first order of business was to create personalized shirts for Disney that would …

Pixar Play Zone at Disney World
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Disney’s New Pixar Play Zone At Disney World

Disney World has recently added a new immersive play experience for kids called the Pixar Play Zone.  Pixar Play Zone is located at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and availability is limited, so reservations are recommended. It also costs an additional $65 plus tax per child, but definitely looks to be worth the extra cost. The Pixar-themed …

Taking your family to Disney World
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Why My Daughter Will Be Skipping School For Disney World

This week, my husband said the sexiest words I’ve ever heard to me: “Let’s book a trip to Disney World!” I’m completely serious when I tell you that those words are like my-husband-cooking-and-doing-the-dishes level porn to my ears. About 10 years ago, when I was a single mom and my son was only 8-years-old, we …

Enter To Win An Overnight Stay At Kalahari Resorts
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Grab The Kids And Escape To Kalahari, Plus Win A Free Night! #LoveKalahari

If you live in the midwest as I do, you know the cruel spring-time games that Mother Nature plays with us. It’s 40 degrees one day, 60 degrees the next. Sunny one day, snowing the next. The kids, however, are ready NOW! They want to play outside; we want them to play outside. But we’re …

The Anchor Inn boutique hotel in Put in Bay is the ideal place to stay for couples
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The Place To Stay On Put in Bay: The Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel On South Bass Island

Not your traditional hotel, we stayed at the Anchor Inn Boutique Hotel at Put-in-Bay. If you’re looking for a quieter stay, this may be the place you’re looking for. Put in Bay, located on South Bass Island in Lake Erie, has traditionally been a location for fun – bachelor and bachelorette parties, weekend-long birthday parties, …

Fantasmic! Light Show returns to Disneyland
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It’s The Summer Of Heroes And More Adventures At Disneyland

This summer marked my very first visit to California’s Disneyland! I got my official “First Visit” pin and all the attention from cast members that came with it. I’m never one to shy away from attention. Although I feel bad that my husband and kids weren’t there with me to enjoy it with – as …

Mark Hamill during his acceptance for his 2017 Disney Legends award
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5 Best Moments From D23 Expo: A First-Timer’s Experience Video Diary

Just reading posts about D23 Expo would never have prepared me for my first time at the Expo. I’m not an emotional person, but I teared up on more than one occasion. I don’t get excited easily, but my voice was nearly gone after the second day. I don’t commonly wear dresses, but I made …