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New HBO documentary I Am Evidence has me shook right now

Why A New HBO Documentary About Rape Has Me Drowning In Emotion Right Now

The HBO documentary “I Am Evidence” about the nationwide discovery of untested rape kits premiered last night and I’m still an emotional mess, you guys. The film follows four survivors whose rape kits went untested for years because our justice system is broken. The film reveals the historic nature of the way we treat the crime …

The Logitech Spotlight Wireless Remote will change the way you present
Blogging Technology

The One Thing That Will Impress At Your Next Presentation Or Speech

If there’s one thing that this family loves, something that spans all generations within our household, it’s technology. We try to keep up on all the latest technology, so I’m always trying to convince my husband that “we need it for the blog.” All the tech counts as business improvements, right? Here’s one that definitely …

Organize your photos and store them securely with Ever
Blogging organization photography Technology

The Best Way To Manage And Store Photos: ‘Ever’ Is All You Need

This year, my husband and I celebrated our honeymoon in Ireland. It was filled with firsts for the both of us and if you’ve ever seen a single photo of Ireland, then you know that there isn’t a square mile of that country that isn’t gorgeous! I took so many photos. So. Many. I didn’t …