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Geoffrey's Birthday Club
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Celebrate Baby’s First Birthday With Events And Giveaways At Babies“R”Us

If there is one milestone that every parent remembers in their child’s life, it’s likely their first birthday. I was a very young parent when I celebrated my son’s birthday so I just remember thinking, “Thank God, I’ve kept him alive for a YEAR!”. He’s now 16-years-old and still alive (though, with teenagers, that’s often …

Kodak Baby Monitoring System
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Kodak CFH-BVA10 Baby Monitoring System Review: My, How Things Have Changed

We are a connected family; there is no doubt to that. The one thing we’re missing is a robotic butler, but until that becomes a reality, I guess we’ll have to get by with the technology overload with which we currently survive. Honestly, how did people survive before technology?! Remember that scene in Terms of …

Conversations with my kids
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Conversations With My Kids: Daniel Tiger And Pee On The Seat

After 608 episodes of Daniel Tiger. Please note that there hasn’t been 608 episodes made. Some we’ve watched 103 times. In a row. Ella: Guess which one this is. Me: Lord, Ella. I don’t know. Ella: Guess! Me: The one. Ella: Which one? Me: I don’t know. I’m trying to get some work done. Ella: Just …

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Pixar’s Short, Sanjay’s Super Team, Pretty Much Represents All Parents’ Struggle

There is no bond stronger than between a dad and his son. I’ve learned this as a parent and because I’m the mom, I’ve had to hide my disappointment when my son, for years, wanted to spend more time with his dad than with me. I’m certain much of that same disappointment was felt when …

Super School Project
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What If You Could Design The Perfect High School? #RethinkHighSchool

Did you know that according to a recent Gallup Poll, only 8% of Americans are ‘Completely Satisfied’ with the quality of education students receive in the U.S.? How satisfied are you with your child’s education? Imagine if you could create the perfect high school. You could recruit the best minds to inspire your child and …

Go With Graco Sweepstakes
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Go With Graco #Sweepstakes For The Family That Loves To Travel

This year, I’m so thrilled to be a Generation Graco Ambassador. Graco has always been a brand that my family trusts. It’s safe to say that my family has traveled with Graco for over 15 years.   My oldest son’s first car seat was a Graco carseat; he’s now almost 16. My daughter’s carseat is …