Christmas Decor: A Beautiful Evergreen Spray For Your Banister

Christmas Decor: A Beautiful Evergreen Spray For Your Banister

Christmas is my favorite time of the year; I love the lights of the trees, I love to drive with the kids to see how others have decorated and, of course, I love decorating our own home. Recently we moved to a larger, more beautiful home that has so much character and I’m loving finding fun ways to decorate these new spaces.

Evergreen Spray


One of the first Christmas decor items I purchased for the new home was pre-lit garland to decorate our new staircase. Once it was on, though, it was lackluster and cheap looking. This glorious 2-story space needed something different and unique with a classic look. So, I created these evergreen sprays for the banister!

They’re gorgeous, easy to make, and bring in the festive scent of evergreen to our entryway.

Christmas Decor

First, start with a few branches of evergreens. These are usually free as long as you can find a friend or family member with an evergreen tree, or if you’re lucky enough to have one in your backyard. How much you use will depend on how large or thick you want your spray. I used two branches.

christmas decor

Using a variety of greens gives your spray depth and adds character to your spray, so if you have different kinds of evergreen trees, use what you like and layer them. I actually found these, with tiny little pine cones, at Hobby Lobby. I like the cute little pinecones and it really added a little color and variety. I placed them on top of my real greens.

Christmas decor

I also found these sticks of sparkly berries at Hobby Lobby that were perfect! I love the pop of color and it tied in the bow with the greens. Which brings us to our next step.

Christmas Decor

At our local garden store, I found these pre-made bows (because I suck at making them, but love supporting local) along with some florists wire. I tied the group together with the wire and left all the branches and excess on because it made it look more rustic. I added the bow, which had florist wire already on it so it made it easy to secure.

evergreen spray


The final result is something I love, is unique and immediately catches the eyes of everyone that walks through our door. Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of our house. Another time, another post…

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