Christmas Wish List: Battroborg Warrior Arena

Christmas Wish List: Battroborg Warrior Arena

“Mom, you know what I want for Christmas? Battroborg!” 

Christmas Wish List discussions are often one of those times when you have no idea what your kids are talking about, or if they’re even speaking English. 

“No, mom, Battroborg.”
“Wait, Battleborg.”
“Oh my God, mom. B-A-T-T-R-O-B-O-R-G.”
“Is that a video game, or a movie that you’re probably not allowed to watch?”
“I’m not getting it, am I?”


Thanks to our friends at Battroborg and their representatives, I’m now more educated about what the heck my son is talking about. We were provided with a Battroborg Warrior set to facilitate our review. All opinions are my own.

So What Is Battroborg?

Battroborg is motion-controlled battling robots that represent an elite force of futuristic warriors. You control your warrior with a wireless katana controller with a series of hand movements and they move within the Battroborg Warrior arena. Finish your opponent by knocking them down with a solid strike of the blade. Defend your warrior with custom, interchangeable battle armor.


Why Are The Battroborg Warriors So Darn Cool?

Kids can truly make their Battroborg Warrior their own; they customize their warrior’s weapons and armor and they control their battle moves around the arena with the NEW single-handed Katana controller.


This Battroborg Warrior is Garrett’s favorite; his name is Kanesada and he’s the Samurai. Just as all the Battroborg Warriors do, Kanesada has a backstory and his own weapon. 

Kanesada is considered the greatest warrior of the Eastern samurai clan. He was heralded for his intense training regimen, mastery of the blade and noble nature. The red samurai lives in the hot east and grew up battling mother natures’ hottest temperatures and volcanic lava. His one weakness is his vulnerability to the cold. Kanesada has brought his fiery blade to the arena prepared to take on whoever comes his way.

His weapon of choice is the Katana Sword. 


Meet Raiden, the Ninja – he’s the Warrior of choice for my 4-year-old. She thinks that two weapons are better than one, so she prefers to fight with the Twin Kamas.

Cunning and silent, Raiden grew up an outcast twisting the warrior teachings to fit his agenda. He has been hired to enter the tournament to make sure no samurai makes it through. Raiden knows he must defeat all who enter before him in the arena in order to take-down the Samurai.


The Battroborg Warrior Arena with two Battroborg Warriors retails for around $69.99, but is on sale on Amazon for only $49.97!

You can follow Battroborg on Facebook and on Twitter and while you’re there, check out the new Battroborg Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set!

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