Prescription Glasses Review: How They’ve Made A Huge Difference

I was a child of the late 70s/early 80s so yes, I had those glasses. You will never see a photo of me in these glasses, but they existed. You know the ones; big frames that ate my face, likely said something like “Rainbow Brite” or some other pop culture reference on the side. I shutter to think about them still.

For a brief period of time, I was able to wear contact lenses, but when I started getting older, my eyes got dry easily so I couldn’t wear them for long periods of time. From that point, I made sure to have several options for prescription glasses to match my mood or my fashion.

If you wear glasses, you know that can be an expensive habit. 

Michelle Lane Mary Jane tortoise shell prescription glasses from Coastal

Then the world of online eyewear came into existence and I started to have more fun with my options and could afford more options because of the lower prices compared to brick-and-mortar stores. For me, Coastal has been a favorite, providing affordable eyeglass frames that make it easy to own multiple pairs so that I can build my eyeglasses wardrobe!

Coastal has a wide range of styles from a variety of designers. They even have their own exclusively designed brands, and my current selection is from their in-house brand.

How Coastal Is Protecting My Eyes

As an online influencer, I spend much of day in front of my computer screen or smartphone. In fact, you don’t have to be a blogger for this to be true – many of us are addicted to our technology. What you might not know is that the computer screen at which you stare all day is damaging your eyes!

The blue light that is emitted by electronics, such as your computer, smartphone, and energy-efficient light bulbs, can impede your body’s natural production of melatonin. It’s an HEV (high-energy visible light) that has negative effects on your retinal cells, causing headaches, blurred vision, and eye strain.

Since I ordered my new prescription glasses from Coastal with BlueReflect lenses, my eyes are much less tired at the end of the day, I sleep better, and I’ve gotten far fewer headaches that I used to.

My new prescription glasses from Coastal

What It’s Like Ordering From Coastal

Another thing I love about ordering from Coastal is that it’s easy to find the right fit and great styles that I love. Their MyFit feature helps you find glasses that fit as well as your favorite old pair. When you have your MyFit selected, you’ll see only the glasses that fit you, not ones with which you’ll fall in love, but will never fit.

Coastal also let’s you find glasses and sunglasses by the shape that best fits your face, colors that are most flattering for you, the styles that you love, brand-name specific, and more.

Their options start at $19 and right now, they have an AMAZING Buy One, Get One offer that will have you and your kids ready for the new school year.

Buy One, Give One To Someone In Need

Coastal is the largest online eyewear company, provide quick service, and the quality of the glasses that I chose and received are better than the ones I previously wore. Their Buy One, Give One Initiative is something worth reading about, as well! Coastal joined forces with the Essilor Vision Foundation to help bring improved sight to millions through our new initiative and you can help, just by ordering your pair of prescription glasses or prescription sunglasses. For every pair of glasses bought, we will donate a pair of glasses to someone in need.

I’m a huge fan of my new glasses from Coastal and thankful for the addition of their BlueReflect Lenses. Check out their selection online and be sure to follow them on Facebook and on Twitter!

I received the glasses shown above from Coastal in exchange for my honest review.

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