Conversations with my kids

After 608 episodes of Daniel Tiger.

Please note that there hasn’t been 608 episodes made. Some we’ve watched 103 times.

In a row.

Ella: Guess which one this is.
Me: Lord, Ella. I don’t know.
Ella: Guess!
Me: The one.
Ella: Which one?
Me: I don’t know. I’m trying to get some work done.
Ella: Just guess! (Now screaming at me)
Me: I don’t know! The one. Where that thing happened.
Ella: Mom. Straighten up or we won’t play this game anymore.
Me:…… promise?

Getting either kid to not pee on a toilet seat and to flush it is a daily struggle. I know I’m not the only parent that experiences this struggle, but we really should own stock in Clorox wipes.

Ella: Maaaahhhmm!! Garrett peed on the toilet seat again!
Me: Gross. 
Ella: It’s fine. I cleaned it up with a wipe because I had to go pee.
Me: Use your bathroom.
Ella: Nah. That’s too far. Plus, G should be told not to pee on the toilet seat.
Me: I agree.

… as I go into the bathroom …

Me: Ella! YOU peed on the toilet seat!
Ella: Well, whose pee would you rather sit on? Mine or Garrett’s? Really, mine is cleaner because he eats way more candy.
Me: Fair enough.

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