We received a Delta Water Leak Detector to facilitate our review, though all opinions are our own and were not influenced.

We have since received word from the brand that the product no longer receives service and any Delta Water Leak Detectors still on the market or in homes will NOT work!

Where we live, we’re lucky enough to enjoy city, not well, water. But, when we built our home a few years ago, it was required that we have a drainage tile system around our home. This means that whenever there’s oversaturation of water near our home, pumps drain it into a crock in our basement, then out to the ditches near the street. Our pump, however, is run by electricity so if there’s a storm and the lights go out, our pump shuts off, greatly increasing the chance of a flooding basement.

The Delta Leak Detector can detect a small water leak or dripping wherever you need it

A basement flood has never happened in the 3 years that we’ve lived here, but there have been several times we’ve lost electricity. We worry about damage to our home and loss of our belongings to a flood when we’re not at home. That’s why the new Delta Water Leak Detector was put in our basement.

Since the Delta Water Leak Detector is wireless, you only need to connect it to the app on your iPhone or Android phone. Then place it near a water source, like your water heater, washer, under the sink, or, in our case, our sump pump. 

How to detect leaks in your home with the Delta Water Leak Detector

We dripped just a little water – not even enough to create a puddle – near our Delta Water Leak Detector and immediate we received notifications to my and my husband’s email and via text messages. Because it doesn’t use that much energy, batteries can last up to two years so you’re covered and the unit is damaged by the water leak. The unit will also alert you audibly and light up in case you are home to be notified.

The Delta Water Leak Detector can also send alerts if the temperature goes outside of the high or low threshold. You can adjust the temperature thresholds and the unit will alert you to conditions that may be too hot for appliances or that may cause freezing pipes.

The Delta Water Leak Detector is available on the Delta website or can be purchased on Amazon for $79.99 each or only $229.99 for a 3-pack. Considering all the damage that the detector can prevent, I’d say it’s a pretty good investment, especially for the price!

Throughout November, you can winn a free device by sharing your photos and/or videos on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LeakDetectSweepstakes and @DeltaFaucet. Each week, four winners will be rewarded with a Delta leak detector and featured on Delta’s Inspired Living blog!

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