Does the Mighty Max Cart live up to its name?

Recently, we had the opportunity to try out the Mighty Max Cart, the garden, hunting, fishing and general utility cart. While I do some mild gardening and some small chores around our acre or so, I had a better testing facility in mind for this cart. My parents live on a farm, so we figured that would be the perfect test. Here’s what our contributing reviewer – a kennel owner and operator and my mom, author Tena Bastian.


The timing could not have been better as far as the arrival of the Mighty Max Cart. This was the year that I jumped in with both feet and tilled under a 55′ x 100 foot vegetable garden. Spring is planting season and hauling plants and garden tools and various other mulch and nutrients down 2-foot wide rows between crops can be tedious, to say the least. This was the first feature of the Mighty Max Cart that impressed me. It cuts a 19″ path which is perfect for maneuvering between rows of vegetables.

Even hauls small, cute things!
Although I was a bit surprised when I saw the size of the box, (I expected it to be larger), the ease of putting it together and the detailed instructions with photos made assembly time a breeze.  The flatbed cart with walls and tub fully assembled weigh a mere 27 lbs which makes it easy to load in the back of a van or pickup truck when going fishing, hunting or camping. If the tub is removed, the flatbed surface easily extends from 37″ to 40″ to 44″ which is great however the width remains only 14″. I must admit that I would be more impressed if they could design a cross section for expansion of the length and width. The wheels could support it as they are sturdy enough to hold a grown man and woman.

Cleans easily
I see a lot of uses for the Mighty Max Cart. Aside from gardening, fishing, hunting and camping, we discovered a few uses for the cart that makes it an animal lovers dream!  In the barn, we can load it up with a saddle, bridle, grooming supplies, saddle blanket, and a small cooler and haul all our riding equipment from the barn to the arena or round pen in one trip and still have a free hand to lead the horse. Taking bales of hay out o the pasture is easier than ever.

In the kennel, we can meet a dog owner at their car and haul in all the toys, bedding, a 50lb. bag of dog food and any other supplies they may bring for their dog’s stay. At feeding time, we can prepare every dog’s food, line it up on the cart and start at one end and work our way down the row of dogs without ever having to go back to the kitchen.

I realize that we might be able to do these chores with a wheelbarrow or a wagon however the Mighty Max Cart does not rust. There is no metal anywhere on the cart so leaving it out in the rain and snow will not harm it. There is also a hitch that allows you to hook it to your garden tractor or purchase additional carts that easily attach behind each other. There are various colors to choose from for additional carts which makes it fun however for the discounted price of $169.95 seems a bit costly to me.

The MSRP or original price is $269.95 so there is certainly a savings there however we priced wheelbarrows at our local building supply store and realized that even for the discounted price, we could easily buy three of them. I think the main draw here that warrants the price is that it is rust free and that the handle and hitch are interchangeable.

The Mighty Max Cart fits through most doorways so it is easy to take in and out of the house, greenhouse, barn or garage. All in all, we like the Mighty Max Cart for several miscellaneous jobs around the house and yard. It makes a great gift and does not take up much storage space. It’s spring planting season! Load it up with your favorite plants and garden tools and get busy. 

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