Dyson V6 Slim Review: Top To Bottom Cleaning Made Easier

Dyson V6 Slim Review: Top To Bottom Cleaning Made Easier

A bigger house, two kids, a husband, and a cat. All things I’m grateful for, but guess what they all have in common… they all create messes.

I’m not without my mess-making charm, but it can be a lot to keep up with. It’s easy to get out our vacuum for the living room, sunroom, or even the office. Then we’ll haul it upstairs for the bedrooms. But what about all the surfaces in between? Now, we’ve added the Dyson V6 Slim to our cleaning arsenal.

Dyson V6 Slim unboxing

We received the Dyson V6 Slim to facilitate this review on our site; all opinions are our own and were not influenced.

From the stairs to the light colored sofa we had to have for the sunroom, there are so many surfaces that get ignored. The stairs are difficult to vacuum, even with attachments and a long hose. The sofas collect cat hair, and there’s always small little messes that can be quickly cleaned up with the Dyson V6 Slim, saving us time by not having to haul out our large vacuum.

Dyson V6 slim wall mount

I love how the Dyson V6 Slim has such a small footprint. We hung it in our small laundry room and it’s taken little to no space. I was able to hang to the docking station myself (make sure you thread the power cord through the back first!) so it’s likely easy for anyone. The V6 Slim snaps into the docking station and automatically begins to charge, as no additional connections are needed.

Dyson V6 Slim wall mount motor

My furniture is where I saw the most shocking difference. We have a dark colored cat and light colored furniture. Really, you couldn’t notice a difference, until we saw the fur in the filter canister. Gross. 

What Makes The Dyson V6 Slim Amazing

Dyson has always been known to be designed much different than traditional vacuum cleaners. The V6 Slim is no exception. It features 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones – 15 cyclones, arranged across two tiers, work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust. 

The powerful V6 motor makes it powerful but lightweight so it can be easily carried anywhere and provides up to 20 minutes of fade-free suction. It doesn’t gradually lose power, which is nice. It works full power until the moment the battery needs to be recharged. 

Whether it’s flights of stairs, inside the car, underneath the dining room table for a quick clean, or our brand new sofa that our cat seems to love, too, our new Dyson V6 Slim is the perfect way to get it all quickly. We love it!

3 Month Update

We’ve recently experienced what a few others have reported to us; the button that releases the canister hatch to empty it has broken. The button still moves, but won’t open the hatch without really fighting with it. For the cost of this vacuum, we expected it to last beyond 3 months.

We actually found the same problem with our Dyson D65 Animal which is the newest and reportedly most well-built full sized vacuum. The latch on that broke just after a year so that gave us a little longer life, but did so after the warranty expired. Again, with the cost of these vacuums, we expected more.

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