Epic Learning For Young Ones With LeapFrog Epic Tablet #‎LeapFrogEpic

Epic Learning For Young Ones With LeapFrog Epic Tablet #‎LeapFrogEpic

Holiday Gift IdeasMy daughter was born into the LeapFrog learning world of toys and tablets. Her first gift as a baby was the LeapFrog My Pal Violet and she still has it. It’s no longer in the best shape – quite dirty, beat up, but it’s survived these 5 years well. It was loved, as have been the LeapFrog toys that followed.

We love LeapFrog products because they’re really user friendly, especially for the kids; my 5-year-old sets hers up by herself. LeapFrog products are amazing learning tools for kids. There have been numerous occasions when my daughter has been singing a song in the back seat of the car that she learned from a LeapFrog toy or gave me an awesomely random fact that I didn’t know she knew, thanks to LeapFrog toys.

LeapFrog Epic Android Tablet for kids

Meet The New LeapFrog EPIC Tablet

I was more than thrilled to be asked to join LeapFrog as a LeapFrog Mom Squad Member this year. We love being among the first to get insider information on new products, accessories, and apps as well as to test out new products.

Among the recent items we’re testing is the new LeapFrog Epic. This Android tablet for kids is ridiculously sweet! My 5-year-old loves and even my 16-year-old plays on it. 

The LeapFrog Epic features a customizable and playable home screen and a safe, out-of-the-box web that expands when they’re ready to explore more. Plus, they can learn as they grow from LeapFrog’s auto-leveling learning games toAndroid™ kid-favorites for their own world of fun.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet

LeapFrog Tablets Have Safety Features Built-In

I can even add certain URLs to the safe list so that my daughter can explore beyond the out-of-the-box safe boundaries. I love knowing that no matter what she does, she can’t visit sites that I don’t want her to. She doesn’t have to supervise her every second; I know that what she’s playing is safe.

The battery life allows her to play for up to 6 hours at a time! Although most of the time we would never allow that much screen time, it’s perfect for road trips or for sharing with friends or siblings without fits of rage due to a short batter life.

LeapFrog comes loaded with 20+ apps with a $150 value

Unlike most tablets, the LeapFrog Epic comes loaded with 20+ apps that have an overall value of $150. You can also download more apps from LeapFrog’s app store. If you don’t want to spend the money, you’ll take comfort in knowing there’s plenty there to keep them busy already.

LeapFrog Epic box

To find out more about LeapFrog Epic, the Android powered tablet for kids that grows with your kids, visit LeapFrog. You can also follow them on Facebook and on Twitter. I received the LeapFrog Epic to facilitate my review as a member of the LeapFrom Mom Squad group.

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