Exclusive Chris Evans Interview: Why He Loves The Darker Cap And Why He Loves Marvel

Exclusive Chris Evans Interview: Why He Loves The Darker Cap And Why He Loves Marvel

If you weren’t previously a die-hard member of #TeamCap, perhaps knowing what an awesome, stand-up guy Chris Evans really is might sway you. I had the likely once-in-a-lifetime interview with Captain America himself and there’s two things I learned about interviewing Evans; he’s adorable and he played with My Little Pony.

Chris Evans interview about Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evens On Behind-The-Scenes Shenanigans

With an all-star cast that includes powerhouses like Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Paul Bettany, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner – honestly, the list goes on and on – we wondered what it was like behind the scenes of Captain America: Civil War.

You know, everyone wants there to be pranks,” Evans said, “and it’s not so much pranks as it’s just a camaraderie. When you’re on set, you’re a little tired, to be honest. The truth is you really are there to work.

Captain America: Civil War features actors with a history of box office success as well as Hollywood newcomers, so it’s easy to wonder what the dynamic is like on a big-budget film like this.

On these movies there are people who are really there to work; you don’t want to diminish their experience or disrespect their process,” Evans told us. “So for the most part on set, you’re not tame, but we still have fun, you know? Days when it’s just me and Paul [Bettany], we’re giggling a lot more. Off set is where the real disaster happens,” he laughed.

There’s something so infectious about a Chris Evans smile. If you don’t think that Cap is your favorite superhero, try sitting in a room with him. Sit in a chair not more than 5 feet away from him, as I did, and try to remember the names of the other actors – any of the other actors – in the film.

Evans has a way of completely beguiling the viewer during any scene that he’s in, yet draws it back enough that he doesn’t steal every scene from the ensemble cast. It’s a mix of sexy and innocence that makes him perfect for the role of wholesome Captain America.

Chris Evans plays hunky Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Chris Evans On The Captain America Costume

Evans has reprised the role of Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, multiple times since 2011, so we asked him what it was like to don the iconic and redesigned Red, White, and Blue suit once again.

I feel good now,” Evans said. “I didn’t in the beginning; in the beginning it was terrifying. In the beginning – don’t all our brains just manage to go to the most negative thing possible, whenever there’s something in front of us, you just focus on what the worst possible outcome could be?” he asked. 

It’s hard to imagine someone as charming and good looking as Chris Evans being insecure in any way, but it’s also a refreshing confession from such an A-List star.

When I began the movie, it was just like all the things that could go wrong and how this could be a mistake,” Evans admits. “Over the course of five or six movies now, it feels great. It really does. the Russo Brothers and Marvel and everyone has made it such a wonderful environment.

The adorable Chris Evans as the strong and charming Captain America

Chris Evans On The Darker Side Of Captain America

The details of Captain America: Civil War are ones that I can’t divulge – but I can guarantee you will not want to miss the new Marvel film when it hits theaters May 6th. What I can tell you is that you’ll notice a different Cap in a film that’s a little darker than what we’re used to seeing from Captain America.

It was nice,” said Evans about the character’s newest struggles. “The trickiest thing about the character is that he’s just a selfless guy; he’s not one of these brooding characters where you can kind of, as an audience member, connect to his conflict and struggle,” he said. “He’s very selfless, you know, and I think to some degree it can feel vanilla. I think it can feel boring. His goal has always been doing what other people need. And I think in this movie it’s the first time he kind of did what he wants and that’s, a little bit of a departure for him.

It’s like a point of pride, when you see the suit, you’re excited to get the suit on and you’re very honored and humbled that you get to have some sort of a connection to it, because it is bigger than you. Captain America will live on; there will be other Captain Americas, there will. So it’s just nice to kind of have a little place in its lineage.” – Chris Evans, Steve Rogers/Captain America

Cap doesn’t have- he woke up seventy years later and everyone he knows is dead,” Evans continued. “And you have Bucky – this one guy, this one person who is the remaining chapter of his life before. [The film is] pitting his current family with his old family and you can’t ask any man to choose that; it’s like taking the friends you went to high school with compared to the friends you met in college. These are two worlds you got to try and somehow find a way to blend, and for Cap, Bucky is his only remaining thing.

Chris Evans talks about putting on the Captain America suit

There’s definitely a separation from the old Cap in the new Marvel film. In fact, most of the characters in the film find themselves exploring darker sides of themselves, using their powers like they’ve not done before and, as you know, being forced to choose a side when traditionally, they’ve all worked together.

It’s harder doing scenes with Downey because he’s such a force. He’s so good, and he owns the oxygen, and he comes in the room and he’s powerful. There’s a limited amount of scenes where it’s really just us – when we’re not fighting – just us talking. [Those scenes are] the framework for the conflict. If you don’t invest in those moments, the conflict is going to be sour and fall flat. So those few scenes that we have where it’s just him and I were really intimidating to make sure you match him. He’s scary because he’s so good; I mean he’s so good. He just owns- he’s just good at anything he does.– Chris Evans on co-star Robert Downey Jr.

Chris Evans on Marvel’s Threat to Boycott Georgia

Chris Evans as Captain America is a hugely integral part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, Marvel threatened to boycott filming in Georgia if they passed the Anti-Gay bill. Chris was not shy about his support of Disney and Marvel’s decision on the matter.

Chris Evans talks about My Little Ponies and growing up with a sister

It was great. I really – I thought that was great,” Evans told us. “My younger brother is gay and he was the one sending me these text messages being like ‘Good for Disney’ and it was just a nice thing to read about,” Evans said. “Disney spends huge money in Georgia and I just think it’s a really- I’m proud of them. I was so proud of Disney for standing up to that and making a statement. It’s a hate bill that they were trying to pass… I was proud of Disney – I really was – and I was glad it happened, I was glad it worked out. And there are still some states that are messing up, but, I was proud to be a part of the Disney family during that,” he added.

I didn’t have [a favorite superhero]. I had an older sister, me, and my younger brother. Whatever Carly wanted to do, we did. So we, you know, My Little Pony and Care Bears – that was it. Just being in Carly’s room was a big deal. You’re like ‘Don’t mess it up, don’t- just sit here whatever she gives us to play with, that’s what we’re playing with.’

She’d give us the fuzzy My Little Ponies that would give me willies, you know what I mean? It was My Little Ponies, Cabbage Patch, Care Bears. I wasn’t cool enough to- I didn’t have a brother being like, GI Joe, you know, I was a lot softer than that.” – Chris Evans on growing up with a sister

Be sure to check out Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6th!

Photos: Coralie Seright

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