Kyle MacLachlan, the voice of Riley’s Dad in Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out, has plenty of experience as a Hollywood celebrity and as a dad. Kaitlyn Dias, the voice of Riley, has a lifetime of experience as a kid, but her Hollywood history is brief. In fact, her role started just as a voice stand-in on the film. They liked her so much they kept her on the project as Riley, so expect to hear that name in Holywood a lot more.

Kyle MacLachlan and Kaitlyn Dias in Disney/Pixar's Inside Out

Recently, we had the opportunity to talk to both of them about the success of the movie and why they couldn’t turn down the opportunity.

Inside Out's Kyle MacLachlan And Kaitlyn Dias

Patiently, Kyle MacLachlan And Kaitlyn Dias sat while we struggled with the backlighting provided by the beautiful San Francisco skyline in a posh downtown hotel. It wasn’t the ideal lighting, but who can complain when we’re sitting with the stars of one of the hottest films of the year. Although it’s an animated one, it should be noted that kids and adults alike adored Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out.

Did you know? The globe in the Riley’s classroom has been used in each of the Toy Story films.

[My son] had a lot of questions,” MacLachlan said about his son, 7-year-old Callum, when he finally saw the movie. “He just wanted to know what happened and why it happened. He was just asking me all about the world and why I had a mustache… about the characters in my head and what that meant.

He got it,” MacLachlan said. “He got the story, which I think was a good sign. Obviously the movie has some complexity to it.

This was a concern that actor Richard Kind, voice of Bing Bong, had about the audience, but judging by the success of the film, all worries were quelled and kids everywhere loved it!

Kyle MacLachlan said his son had so many questions about Inside Out

When they first brought me on,” said Dias, “I actually didn’t get to see the full script, even after I had signed a non-disclosure agreement. They brought me on as the scratch voice.

Scratch vocals are also often used in the production of feature-length animated films to sync dialog to the film until the hired actor can provide the voices. 

Kaitlyn Dias talks about her first Disney movie experience

When she was hired on as the official voice for Riley, Dias said, “It really blew my mind! I was 11 at the time and I was like ‘I’m going to be part of a Disney film!’. I mean, no one is going to see me, but it’s still going to be cool.

MacLachlan and Dias discuss the process of recording and, like many animation voice-over actors, they recorded their sessions alone, separate from the other actors.

Did you know? As a tribute to the Walt Disney Family Museum, the filmmakers set Riley’s hockey rink in the exact spot the museum is located in San Francisco.

I worked with Diane Lane [the voice of the mom] one time,” MacLachlan explained. “It was our first recording session together in a big room at Disney and that was it. That was it. The rest of the time, it was all to an image or a picture, or sometimes looking at Pete and Jonas on the video monitor.

Did you know? Kyle MacLachlan is a Led Zepplin fan.

When asked what drew MacLachlan to this project, he said “Well, when Pixar calls… it’s hard to say no.” 

Kyle MacLachlan share with us his son's first thoughts about Inside Out

He went on to say that it was conversations he had with the creators that really intrigued him about the film and piqued his interest in being a part of it. According to MacLachlan, the collaboration felt really natural so he couldn’t turn it down.

For Dias, she said that the concept helped change her view on her own emotions. 

The concept of it definitely gets inside your head,” she said. “Especially after watching it, you’re just like ‘Oh, Joy must be at the controls now’. It sort of gets into the way you think about your own thoughts.

Did you know? Riley and her family make a quick stop to take some photos of dinosaur statues on the side of the road, one of which is from Pixar’s upcoming movie The Good Dinosaur

Be sure to check out the amazing voice performances of Kyle MacLachlan and Kaitlyn Dias in Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out, on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital TODAY! The film features the short, “Riley’s First Date?” which features the same characters voiced by MacLachlan and Dias.

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