Ed Catmull. Steve Jobs. George Lucas. John Lasseter. These men aren’t just legends in their fields; they’re the reason for Pixar Studios, creators of films like Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, and more, including the upcoming The Good Dinosaur. The history of Pixar is as captivating as their films and this month, I was in the center of it all in Emeryville, California.

Pixar Studios Gate Entrance

As Pixar employees like to say, this is the building that bugs built. The building now called The Steve Jobs Building is part of a large and beautiful campus that was built from the proceeds of Disney/Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. It is gorgeous… and so much fun! We were all looking for job applications.

Steve Jobs was an integral part of the creation of Pixar and of their campus. Everything has a purpose in the way that it was built. Jobs wanted an industrial feel to the main building because the area is an industrial area and it creates a workshop feel.

The Steve Jobs Building is right brain/left brain designed; the left side houses the tools and computers. The right side is where animation, art, and acting takes place. Pixar Studios Steve Jobs Building

It seems as though nothing was overlooked in the design and construction of the Steve Jobs Building; it is built on over 250 rubber isolators so if there was ever an earthquake in the area, the building would “surf” back and forth instead of being destroyed. Jobs was very particular about the steel and the brick – even the color of the brick – that was used and insisted on the wall of glass on the front to bring inspiration from the outside as well as provide employees with a more airy and interactive feel.

Pixar Studios Steve Jobs Building Interior

The atrium that greets you as soon as you enter the building was created to feel like a town square. The kitchen, the restaurant, multiple bathrooms, the cafe, and the mailroom is located in this atrium to encourage employees to greet each other, have lunch together, and to collaborate on projects when they can. 

Pixar Studios The Steve Jobs Building Atrium

Walking through the buildings, there are hints of Pixar films all around, from floor to ceiling, including these beloved characters.

Pixar Studios Easter Eggs

And, of course, throughout the campus are beloved Pixar characters…

Pixar Studios characters on campus

There is such a level of creativity that Pixar employees have. So much so that an entire hallway of the main building is dedicated to displaying art created by employees when they’re not at Pixar. Pixar celebrates their employees and their creativity which is likely why their work is so successful. Even the most creative minds need to be motivated, so Pixar employees have the opportunity to work out in their gym, swim in their outdoor pool, play basketball in their on-site court, or even play soccer.

Pixar Studios Soccer Field

Pixar Studios Basketball Court

There’s even a Halloween costume parade for which all of the employees dress up with their families. That’s too fun not to want to work at Pixar Studios!

The Good Dino Photos

To see more of my photos from my Pixar Studios visit, you can check out my photo album here! You’ll also see Pixar employees’ very own cereal bar and their expansive milk selection that would make any dairy cow jealous.

Did You Know? Of ALL the many cereals that are offered to Pixar employees on their expansive cereal bar, Raisin Bran is the most popular, even over Cocoa Puffs! 

Check back tomorrow when we share VERY EXCLUSIVE photos from our visit to the Pixar Archives where no one but a few select Pixar employees have been – not even press or other bloggers have been allowed. Until now!

Check out Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur in theaters on November 25th!

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