Since my first overseas travel experience during our honeymoon to Ireland, I’ve been officially infected by the travel bug. I’m obsessed with finding new (well, I guess they’re all new to me) or exotic places to travel with my husband and/or the kids. For my husband and I, romantic spots that have good hotels and for the kids, plenty of history and activities.

Who else is yearning to travel? Pack your favorite luggage full to the brim because I have a suggestion! Have you ever considered traveling to Bandung, Indonesia?

Sometimes, the best adventures can be found in the places we least expect. Never before would I have considered traveling to a place like Indonesia – before researching, I probably couldn’t have found it on a map – but from what I’ve seen and read so far about Indonesia, the more I want to visit!

Bandung Indonesia
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That view alone – I’d paint my entire wall with the views that Bandung has to offer! And Bandung isn’t some hidden city waiting to be explored. Bandung is considered a major and significant cultural hub in Indonesia and is a popular weekend destination for nearby residents. They even have their own football team, sports fans!

What You Should See In Bandung, Indonesia

There is so much to see and to do in Bandung, including shopping, tourist sites, and local attractions. The Bandung Geological Museum is a great place to start! Among the objects are collections of fossil skulls from early man, a fossil skeleton of pre-historic animals, and rare meteorites that fell in the area in 1884.

To find the best shopping, cafes and restaurants in the area, head to Paris Van Java. You’ll even find familiar chains like Bath & Body Works there along with a movie complex.

For amazing panoramic and breathtaking views of Indonesia, be sure to visit Keraton Cliffs. It’s very highly rated as a must-see landmark. It’s the perfect place to take landscape photos and selfies that you’ll treasure well after your vacation ends.

Another ideal spot for photos, and a must-see attraction in Bandung is the Cimahi Waterfall. It can be quite a hike, but from what I hear, it’s definitely worth it!

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If you’re looking for a reasonably priced and centrally location hotel, you could easily stay at Hotel Horison Bandung. It has a 7.9/10 rating with it’s guests and is conveniently located near several of Bandung’s major attractions. 

Cityscape views of Bandung City, Indonesia

If you’re interested in visiting or learning more about places to stay in Indonesia, check out Traveloka hotel deals. You can also download their app! You can search for, and book, flights or hotels and research nearby attractions close to where you’re staying. Traveloka even offers reviews on the hotels you’re considering, no matter where you travel.

About Traveloka

Traveloka is Indonesia’s leading travel booking app for domestic and international destinations. The Jakarta-based company was founded by several Indonesian technology information practitioners with years working experiences at tech companies in the United States of America. Traveloka is the first national company in Asia that receives a Series A funding from Global Founders Capital and East Ventures.

Disclosure: This post was written in association with Traveloka. All opinions are my own.

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