Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior: The Show (And Toys) Your Kids Will Love

Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior: The Show (And Toys) Your Kids Will Love

There aren’t many TV shows that get renewed for a second season before their first episode has even hit the airwaves, but such is the case with a new animated kids show on Disney Junior called Fancy Nancy.

If Fancy Nancy sounds familiar, it’s because the show is based on the best-selling books by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser. Nancy is a 6-year-old girl who wants to live a fancy life.

Don’t we all, though?

Disney's Fancy Nancy based on the popular children's books

Krista Tucker head writer and story editor for Fancy Nancy, said that the property has been something that Disney has been interested in for nearly 10 years. Jamie Mitchell, executive producer and director of the series, said that there had been a lot of interest in the rights of the books but in the end, it was Disney who won the rights and began to create a show around the popular characters.

FACT 1: According to creators, Nancy has 236 sections of animated hair on her head which can be arranged in a multitude of styles!

The Fancy Nancy Voices You Might Recognize

Though you might not see their faces, the voices behind the animations are an all-star cast. The voice of Fancy Nancy herself is broadway’s Mia Sinclair Jenness and supporting cast includes Alyson Hannigan (How I Met Your Mother), Madison Pettis (The Game Plan), and even Rob Riggle who is a bit out of his element after starring in films like The Hangover and 21 Jump Street.

Voices on Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior include Alyson Hannigan and Rob Riggle

We auditioned a number of young ladies for the role of Nancy,” Mitchell said. “Mia just stood out… she has this energy which is sometimes difficult to describe. She understood the dialog, she knew how to deliver the comedic timing that was sort of beyond her years that brought an innocence to the character which I really responded to.

FACT 2: The cul-de-sac in which the family lives was designed to be a safe environment so that the kids have “free reign” of their neighborhood.

Mitchell said they auditioned various actresses for months, but it became increasingly clear that Jenness was the voice they needed to be the title character. She even inspires some of the movements of the character while she is recording.

Alyson Hannigan who plays mom… I worked with her on Sophia the First,” Mitchell said of his experience as executive producer and director on Sophia. “I just lover her voice, love her texture, love her energy, and so I loved her for this role and it was clear, very quickly, that she was the person for this role.

Then there’s Rob Riggle. Though most kids won’t recognize his name or his voice, many adults watching the show with their kids will recognize Riggle from some of roles that are well beyond the G rating that this show receives.

Riggle came to us kind of out of nowhere,” said Mitchell. “I’ve always found him really funny. He brings something to the character that’s unique, something we didn’t expect, and he’s a goofy dad, like me.

Alyson Hannigan, of How I Met Your Mother, voices the mom in Disney Junior's new show, Fancy Nancy

Your Kids Will Love Fancy Nancy’s New Adventures!

We’ve only adapted two of the books,” Tucker said of the show. “Almost every story is original.

FACT 3: The relationship between Nancy and Bree is important to the show, as well. Both Nancy and Bree are independent, but it was important to the writers that Bree stand up for herself when she and Nancy argue.

This is great news for fans of the books, as the team isn’t just rehashing stories from the books – they’re creating new ones for fans, young and old!

Krista Tucker, head writer and story editor, and Jamie Mitchell, executive producer and director, said that they're developing new stories for Fancy Nancy, not rehashing old ones.

Tucker and Mitchell are also parents, so they said that they’ve made sure to add in some adult-level, but appropriate, humor into the show.

As parents, they’re aware that parents are watching – or, at the very least, hearing it from another room – and they didn’t want it to be another animated series that makes parents want to turn it off as soon as they start to hear it.

FACT 4: In an upcoming episode, the kids rebel against the parents who want to cut down a beloved tree (named Oakey) by withholding cuddles and kisses. The episode was inspired by Les Mis√©rables

Oh, Yes, There Is Merchandising

Wondering where your young Fancy Nancy fan can get a soft Nancy doll or her own tutu? Disney Junior has that covered, as well!

Fancy Nancy toys are already hitting the market, including dolls and tutus!

FACT 5: The team says they’re even hoping to see Fancy Nancy merchandise and characters hit the Disney parks! Keep your eyes peeled!

My kiddo already has her list of Fancy Nancy toys she wants, ready for Christmas.

Check out Fancy Nancy, premiering on the Disney Channel on July 13 at 11am EST!

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