Formulate Review: Fully Personalized Hair Care

Formulate Review: Fully Personalized Hair Care

Brands are starting to realize that one size fits all is not what we want or need. Imagine being able to formulate a shampoo and conditioner that is targeted to your hair care needs.

That’s exactly what Formulate does!

Formulate is a customized shampoo and conditioner that's better for your hair.

What is Formulate?

Formulate is a company that engineers a customized hair care system for you based on your lifestyle, hair type, issues with your scalp, and your hair goals. 

If your hair needs change, then change your formula. 

By taking their online consultation, a unique shampoo and conditioner will be created for you. Formulate takes into account whether you use hair color, your length, the thickness of your hair and more.

No matter your formula, you’ll receive a customized hair care solution that is paraben free, sulfate free, and cruelty free. 

Get shampoo and conditioner customize for your hair goals from Formulate.

They have 8 different fragrances from which to choose at the time this was posted. There is not a fragrance-free option, but none of the options are obnoxious scents – they’re natural and fresh. You can even choose the strength of your scent.

How Much Does Formulate Cost?

For the shampoo and conditioner set, it’s $49.99 for the 14oz bottles which seem to last for months. 

If you’d like to email or message me, I can send you an invitation that will save you $5 off your first purchase.

Is your shampoo and conditioner helping or hurting your hair? Check out Formulate!

Is Formulate Worth The Price?

In short, yes. I’ve waisted a TON of money trying to target my unique hair issues and find that I’m constantly changing it up. 

I found that my second formula seems like it will work better for my hair. I had some issues with the conditioner at first; it left my hair sort of gummy feeling. But, after reading the instructions (a novel idea!), I found that I just wasn’t rinsing well enough.

My suggestion is to also download the app. This will let you track your orders, set Smart Order refills, change your settings and hair goals, or see all the ingredients that go into your personalized shampoo and conditioner.

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