In a room of our home that isn’t used often, we didn’t want to spring for new furniture. So we gave it a makeover with The Slipcover Company!

We moved from a 900 sq ft house to an almost 2200 sq ft home. The only furniture we had were two old, ugly brown sofas. Suddenly, we had two living rooms and a sunroom to fill with furniture.

Gradually, we’ve able to furnish and decorate our new home. We’re not very formal people, so our formal living room has become our daughter’s playroom. 

This sponsored post is on behalf of our partnership with them. All opinions are our own.

What to do with old looking furniture.

We moved the old, cat-scratched, matted brown furniture into there and it looked AWFUL! The sofa and loveseat are still structurally in good condition and since it’s a room mostly used by our daughter, we did not want to spend a ton of money on new furniture.

Our old furniture before the Slipcover Company makeover

So, we gave it a makeover! 

Our old furniture gets a new look from The Slipcover Company

We partnered with The Slipcover Company to give our old furniture new life. Here, it’s just out of the package so it’s still a bit wrinkly. BUT – what a difference! The bows in the front are my favorite feature.

Ticking Stripe is all the rage right now in fashion, so why not on my old, tired furniture?

Look how sad my furniture looked! Matted, brown and scratched up from the cats.

Giving old furniture new life

The new look is one I’m happy about and I don’t feel like I have to hide that furniture – or that whole room!

About The Slipcover Company

The Slipcover Company has been helping with room makeovers since 1994. They create exclusive sets of covers for your home and car. 

They feature products ranging from the original slipcovers to the modern day dining chair covers. You’ll also find throws, double-sided slipovers, pillows, day bed covers, pet covers, headboard covers, and even car covers.

The Slipcover Company can help you redecorate or protect your furniture

Furniture is expensive; we quickly realized that when we went shopping for our new home. We had a lot of square feet to cover. Since we were new homeowners, we didn’t have a lot of money either.

The Slipcover Company gives you the freedom to add color and design to your home without having to buy new furniture.

Whether you're looking for an extreme change or something subtle for your furniture, check out The Slipcover Company

Slipcovers: Not Just For Makeovers

It makes sense that we use slipcovers to give new life to old furniture. But did you consider that they also offer an important amount of protection from every day wear and tear?

Covers are also a great option to protect your car when traveling with pets or from the inadvertent spilling of liquids in the backseat.

Before the holiday season hits and your family starts to sit on your old furniture, check out The Slipcover Company!

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