How To Get Organized When You Build Or Buy A New Home

How To Get Organized When You Build Or Buy A New Home

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When we decided this spring to start building our dream home, we had no idea the amount of paperwork this endeavor would involve. Our property is currently an empty cornfield but will soon become our 7 acre homestead. Of course, like any dream, the process isn’t an easy one and we quickly became aware of the necessity for organization as we took the steps to customize and complete our forever home.

From zoning permits to building permits and from site drawings to blueprints, our large binder is quickly filling. It was quickly apparent to me that a filing cabinet wouldn’t be a convenient way to organize everything we needed as often, we needed to reference our paperwork at a moment’s notice.

Printers like the Canon PIXMA can help you create documents, like the one I created for our New Home Binder, so that your information is easily accessible and neatly organized. It’s also been a great help in eliminating the overwhelming feeling every time we’re handed a sheet of paper.

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We’ve purchased a super cheap 3-ring binder and added plastic sheets to put our documents and paperwork into. We also created an attractive cover sheet to put into the plastic cover sleeve with the photo of the home we were building ( you know, for bragging rights) as well as a quick reference of important information, such as our new address, our acreage, township information, contractor and builder information and our parcel number.

This was all information that we were frequently referencing as we would fill out paperwork to get our lot prepped for the build since it was previously only used as farm land. Now, we’re ready for our ground breaking which begins next week! And, as we get closer to completion, we can better organize our binder with tabs for quick reference of all of our paperwork from beginning to end and keep it in a bookshelf for easy access instead of lost in a sea of other paperwork somewhere in a filing cabinet.

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