This is Brittany. She’ll be your camp counselor, your drinking buddy, your favorite lady with a bullhorn.

Do you remember 6th grade camp and kickball and group dances and boondoggle and meeting new friends? That was awesome. Now, add a smattering of perverted jokes, a 90s theme and crap ton of alcohol and you have a weekend of fun at Camp Throwback!

That lovely lady up there is Brittany. She was our camp organizer/counselor/friend/bull horn announcer. She’s kind of a big deal. Of course, this weekend we all were. We learned to shoot bows and arrows (a hidden skill of mine, apparently), we partook in drunk field game day, we slept in bunk beds with friends (including those of the ‘of-nature’ persuasion), met new people, hung out with old friends, and even enjoyed a Bloody Mary or two for breakfast.

We were all a big deal that weekend.

We even indulged in the freshest of fruit…

We all dressed up and danced for the 90s – again. The days of grunge, Fresh Prince and mixed tapes came flooding back.

So maybe a certain blogger got homesick amongst the bugs, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat – just with more bug spray and a mosquito net. It’s hard when you travel so often that even at camp, you’re surprised when no one has turned down your sleeping bag and left a mint on your pillow.

Camp Throwback

You’ve not had a Bloody Buddy like this… this is a genuine, one of a kind (of nearly 70 others) Chili Dan’s Bloody Mary!

It was so much fun and we’re thankful to the incomparable Brittany Gibbons and her awesome team of campers for creating an unforgettable weekend. Although I must admit I was grateful for that first shower and bacon filled breakfast when I returned home, as well as all the new friend requests in my inbox 🙂

For pictures, be sure to search #CampThrowback on Instagram and Twitter!

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  1. YOU DID IT! You were such a bad ass, and you toughed it out. WOOOHOOOO! next year, I am going to bug bomb your cabin the day before you come. PINKY SWEAR.

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