I have the worst luck with cars. It never fails; they die, they break down, they leave me stranded. Of course, when I’m paying monthly for a roadside assistance program, that’s the only time my car seems reliable.
That’s why I thought the Good Hands Roadside Assistance program from Allstate sounded like such a great deal! I don’t have Allstate insurance, but I don’t need to have Allstate insurance to be eligible. The best part – you only pay for it when you need it! I don’t have to worry about paying for service I don’t use or about making payment for a service I didn’t use that month.

The only suggestion with the Good Hands Roadside Assistance is pre-registration – it provides faster service at time of need on the road. Those that pre-register will also receive a welcome kit in the mail containing a wallet card, key fob and window cling with the phone number for roadside help.

Have other family members that could benefit from the service, such as kids or a spouse? You can have up to 5 users on your account. Flat tires, empty gas tank, lockout, or a breakdown – with Good Hands Roadside Assistance, you’re covered.

10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car(while you wait for assistance from Good Hands Roadside Assistance!)
1. An inflated spare tire – When you check the air in your tires, make sure you’re not forgetting the spare, if you car is equipped. Also, be sure that your car’s tires are inflated according to your car’s specs, not the psi indicated on the tire.
2. Your owner’s manual – Since I started working at a car dealership, I’ve discovered that many of the issues that customers are worried about could be resolved by reading the owner’s manual. Indicator lights, bells and whistles, even how to turn off your seatbelt indicator (that annoying beep that alarms you when your seatbelt isn’t on).
3. Blankets – This is an especially useful item if it’s cold, but can also be useful when it’s not. Use it to stay warm or use it to cover the ground if you need to kneel to change a tire.
4. Bottle Water – It’s important to stay hydrated, even while stranded, but especially if it’s hot. You never know how long you’ll be stuck there!
5. Food – Just as water is important, high energy foods can be good for you, as well. A package of beef jerky, non-chocolate energy bars (melted chocolate – messy!), or nuts can be great. If you can get a few MRE’s (military meals) then use your water to re-hydrate (they self-warm).
6. Jumper Cables – These are great not only for your use, but I’ve been able to help quite a few people in pinch! Don’t know how to jump a car? Here’s a great article on Edmunds that breaks it down.
7. First Aid Kit – As the Boyscouts say, “Always be prepared.” You never know what could happen while changing tire, going for help, or even popping the hood could cause even the smallest injury.
8. Flashlight with extra batteries – We can all get stranded during the day! If you can find a wind-up flashlight, that may be even more convenient!
9. Scarf, hat and gloves – Just as we can’t always get stranded during the day, we also can’t always become stranded when it’s warm.
10. Road Flares or Safety Cones – We’ve all seen those poor souls stranded on the side of a busy highway. Sometimes, we’ve been one of those poor souls. Road flares and/or safety cones can make any roadside situation so much safer, and can assist those coming to your rescue in finding you much easier.

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