HardHops Hybrid Craft Cocktail For The Holidays

HardHops Hybrid Craft Cocktail For The Holidays

Forget that boring ol’ champagne this holiday season and pop open a can of HardHops, with natural ingredients and flavors that will have you rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Usually when I hear terms like “Natural Ingredients,” and “Gluten Free,” especially when it applies to my alcohol, I might run the other way. 

Curiosity, however, got the best of me when a friend offered a can of HardHops. 

Hard Hops Line of Hybrid Craft Cocktails

First, I prefer a can to a breakable martini or champagne glass during any kind of social event. I’m not a martini glass kinda gal. A punch of flavor in a can that also has alcohol? Yep. I’m on board.

What’s The Big Deal With HardHops?

Besides being packaged in really rad cans, HardHops was developed by a couple from Toledo! My neck of the woods, my kind of people. Makes sense.

Their flavored hops have also won a TON of awards, and it’s not hard to see why once you crack open a can.

HardHops flavor profiles

A Flavor Profile To Celebrate

HardHops has a flavor for any type of party, whether it’s their Frickin’ Prickly Pear after a Thanksgiving meal or their Minter Wonderland on a snowy Christmas Eve. 

In case you’re wondering, those are my exact plans this year.

Hard Hops Hybrid Craft Cocktail in Minter Wonderland

Speaking of HardHops Minter Wonderland – pour a bit of this over some vanilla ice cream and OH, MY SWEET JESUS you can just toss grandma’s pumpkin pie in the trash.

Enjoy HardHops Cherry Bomb, Getaway Granny Smith, Liber8ed Lemon Lime, Frickin’ Prickly Pear, Minter Wonderland, and 3Piece (a luscious mix of coffee, vanilla, and chocolate) this holiday season. Or any season.

Drink HardHops straight from the can, on ice, or try one of their mixed drink recipes right on their site! Be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and on Instagram for more flavors and mixed drink recipes!

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