Sleeping in dirt, eating only things that can be cooked by fire, peeing against a tree – sounds more like homelessness or torture. I remember being a kid and loving when we’d go camping. But I was blissfully ignorant of the uncomfortable ground and millions of bugs. I thought it was fun wearing the same thing over and again and brushing my teeth with lake water.

Eww. I want to brush my teeth again just thinking of it.

When you can’t afford a giant, air conditioned camper or you’re unable to justify sleeping in a cushy hotel room while everyone else is roughing it outdoors, we have some tips to turn camping into Glamping!

How To Turn Camping Into Glamping


1. Start In Your Own Backyard is a good way to get used to nature in a familiar setting. It’s your own territory, your own bugs, your own ‘outhouse’ should you choose to use the facilities that nature has provided, and on your own terms. You’re able to head indoors if it gets to be too much or you’re able to rough it in a setting you can handle. That’s where I started; I enjoyed the outdoors from our own porch, watching our own bugs in the setting sun like glitter through the air and snuggled next to the man I love 🙂

2. Bring Comforts From Home to make camping a little more like home! I love our new Nature’s Sleep mattress topper as a base in our tent. We found that, while air mattresses are nice, we don’t always want to blow them up and may not have electricity to use a pump. The Nature’s Sleep topper is like out mattress at home, but we can roll it up and take it with us to use in the tent.

camping citronella candle

3. Set The Stage for a fun and successful camping trip. Whether we’re camping in our backyard or at a campsite, we don’t just bring a Citronella candle.  We put it into a pretty vase or candle holder. We don’t just bring blankets and sheets, we bring pretty and comfortable bedding. And we don’t just bring flashlights, we like to (if electricity is accessible) hang pretty lights at our site and try to make the space feel like a living space, not a campsite.

Camping and glamping
Need more ideas on how you can turn camping into glamping? Join us on June 21st on Twitter as we discuss camping, glamping and give away prizes! Just follow @NaturesSleep and use the #NaturesSleep hashtag!

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