When we built our home, we expected there would be nail holes for pictures, but we tried to keep the damage to a minimum. TRIED, being the operative word. Using an average, name brand stud finder available at our local home improvement store – one that likely anyone would and does use – we’ve had a few missteps along the way. But, using a simple attachment for our smartphones, we can now see through any of our walls and find studs easily!

How to find a stud in your wall using your smartphone

We discovered the coolest tool recently; one that every DIYer should have in their arsenal of tools. It’s called WalabotDIY and it’s a tool that gives you “Superman vision” for your home improvement projects.

WalabotDIY is a 3D imaging tool that helps take the guesswork out of most home repairs or renovation projects. Whether you’re hanging a collection of framed photos from vacation or adding that second bathroom, WalabotDIY allows you to see through cement, drywall, and other building materials. This helps you easily find pipes, wires, studs, or even rodent nests!

WalabotDIY is the best tool for any home improvement project

I’m telling you – add this to the holiday shopping list for any do-it-yourselfer you’re shopping for. It’s likely to be the most powerful tool in their belt or box. This isn’t just for the guys, ladies – we know you’ll love it, too!


WalabotDIY is compatible with all Android smartphones 5.0 and higher, equipped with USB OTG, and it connects magnetically to the back of your phone.

Once you have it connected, download the WalabotDIY app via Google Play and after a short calibration process, you can use it to scan the wall while images of what’s behind the wall are projected onto your smartphone’s screen! Not only can it locate wires, plumbing, and studs, but WalabotDIY will also detect both the depth and location of objects and can see through up to 4 inches or 10 centimeters of drywall or concrete.

WalabotDIY retails for $299, but for a limited time, you can take advantage of their special introductory offer of only $199. But, this is a limited time offer launch price. You can receive an additional $10 off for taking a short survey regarding their product! And, for more deals, follow them on Facebook and on Twitter.

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