The hottest summer drama returns to television tonight and you absolutely do NOT want to miss the second season of ABC’s Mistresses! When this show premiered last season, I wrote it off as just another soap opera-like show that would feature story lines of women cheating and lying. While there is a little of that, it’s so much more and it’s become one of my favorite shows on television.

I was invited to this event by Disney as part of a media event. Accommodations and other expenses were paid for in exchange for my coverage of the event, but all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.


The great thing about starting to watch Mistresses now is that you’ve only missed one season and ABC has a synopsis of Season 1 that will quickly catch you up to Season 2. ABC’s 13 Things You Need To Know… is a quick way to catch up on the lives of our favorite Mistresses guys (who are just to hot) and gals (who are just too awesome) for the season premier today!


I and 24 fellow bloggers were able to visit the set of Mistresses this spring and watch as they taped an actual episode. Sure, that was cool, but the highlight of my visit was a selfie (and a hug!) from the gorgeous Justin Hartley! We’ve been fans of Justin since his days as the mysterious, yet still stunning, Green Arrow on Smallville. Some of you might remember him as Patrick Osbourne on last season’s Revenge. He was so fun, funny and really made us feel welcome. We even sang happy birthday to him! Sure, his birthday was back in January, but when Justin Hartley asks you to sing to him, you just do it.

Justin joins the cast this year as Scott… what his role encompasses, we can’t tell you yet, but you won’t want to miss a single moment!

Also on set was the absolutely stunning Jes Macallan who plays Josslyn Carver on Mistresses. She was hilarious and so friendly! She’s one of those people that, when you meet her, you’re certain you’ve become best friends. I love people that are truly heartwarming like that 🙂

Here’s proof that we’re all besties now 🙂

Back at the studio set, we met up with the equally friendly, and very sexy, Jason George. He plays Dominic Taylor (and you may recognize him as Bailey’s love interest on Grey’s Anatomy!) and he gave us a little tour of the studio where most of the set of the show is located. He shared with us his character’s motivation last season and about his trying to be a bad ass in real life.

We also got to step into the set, seeing Dominic’s office, Savi’s kitchen and April’s store where the girls often gather.

MistressesCatch Jason George as Dominic, Jes Macallan as Josslyn, Justin Hartley as Scott and the rest of the crew on the 2nd Season Premier of Mistresses tonight on ABC at 10pm EST/9pm Central. Be sure to follow #Mistresses on Twitter as the cast live tweets tonight during the season premier!

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