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Just a few days after bragging to my husband about what an excellent driver I am, I was pulled over for speeding. 

There wasn’t a lie in the world that couldn’t have gotten me out of the ticket; I was driving 55 in a 35 because, honestly, I just wasn’t paying attention.

A week later, my husband received a speeding ticket in the mail. Obviously, we need to look at investing in a radar detector.

How To Avoid Expensive Speeding Tickets

Having a radar detector in your car is inexpensive and could save you hundreds of dollars in speeding tickets. You use them to help you monitor and maintain your speed, and the Uniden R7 radar detector tracks up to four signals simultaneously for greater awareness as you drive.

The large OLED display includes arrows that identify the direction of incoming threats and change color on a scale of green to red to indicate the signal’s strength.

Uniden R7 Radar Detector

It Is Legal To Use A Radar Detector?

Unless you live in Washington DC or Virginia, it is legal to own and use a radar detector.
Some cities throughout the United States do have ordinances, so make sure to check with you local municipality.

Why Use The Uniden R7 Radar Detector?

The Uniden R7 is easy to use and can help you monitor your speed. You can set a speed and the device will let you know when you go above that speed. Perfect for parents who are easily distracted by kiddos or just enjoying a relaxing Sunday cruise.

The Uniden R7 features voice notification and has a MAX speed warning system you will be able to hear when you exceed the preset speed. All without taking your eyes off the road, enabling you to maintain a safe driving speed.

There are easy to see directional arrows indicate where the radar signal is originating from, whether it’s a speed trap in front of you or a cop following behind. And, a large screen allows you to quickly and easily read the information while allowing you to maintain focus on the road ahead.

The R7 works with most vehicles and offers users real-time alerts in your existing vehicle. There’s even a K-Filter and Ka-Filter to filter noise from the K and Ka bands to prevent false detections.

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