My Interview With Country Music Superstar Kellie Pickler

My Interview With Country Music Superstar Kellie Pickler

Kellie Pickler

Thanks to country music superstar Kellie Pickler, this week I was able to do something I never thought I’d do in my life – interview a celebrity from a truck stop in West Virginia. It was an awesome interview and she was so sweet and fun to interview, even if I was travel-tired and a little star struck.

Oddly enough, my fiance and I were headed back to Ohio from Charlotte, North Carolina; not too far from where Kellie Pickler grew up. The charismatic Pickler is one of the few still-successful American Idol contestants and has found continued success with 4 albums under her belt, a 2013 win on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars and now, an upcoming fifth album and a new movie.

I grew up an hour east of Charlotte. In my small town, the best place to eat was my grandma’s! – Kelly Pickler

Kelly voices a new character to the Veggie Tales entourage, Mirabelle. The story, Beauty And The Beet, is similar to Disney’s Beauty And The Beast but with a Veggie Tales twist and the classic Veggie Tales lessons for kids.

Veggie Tales Beauty And The Beet is available now on Amazon, many Christian bookstores, and Target, along with the album featuring Kellie’s songs.

All of [the Veggie Tales] movies have such a beautiful message… I love that, and it’s age appropriate for everyone. It’s a story about unconditional love and kindness.

With so much awareness about bullying in schools, this seems like the ideal message for kids and with a superstar like Kellie Pickler involved in this new project, it’s sure to be a hit with families.

Look for Kellie’s new album releasing after the new year.

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