The Legrand In Wall Power Kit Review: Hide TV Cords From Sight!

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When our friends at Best Buy asked us to try out the Legrand in-wall TV power kit, we didn’t hesitate to say yes! It provides easy routing of TV power, HDMI, and other cables and cords through the wall to help hide them from sight with no electrical hard wiring required!

It’s still amazing to me the home improvement that is still required or desired even when you build a brand new home. One of the things that’s been bugging me is the fact that we can see so many of the wires for the entertainment center in our bedroom. We’ve been wanting to find a way to reduce some of the wires, and having a wireless Joey with our DISH Network has been a help, but even so much as a power cord is distracting.

With the Legrand in wall kit from Best Buy, you can hide ugly cords and wires from sight

I even hate the look of this ugly old dresser and have been wanting to refinish it for some time, but it’s still nothing compared to the unsightly wires that are in plain view – even if no one but us is ever in the bedroom.

What I love about the Legrand In Wall Kit is that it’s relatively easy to install in less than 30 minutes and requires no rewiring whatsoever. It hides all of your power cords and other wires behind the wall so you can enjoy your TV without all the messy, tangled cords.

Legrand in wall tv power kit

My husband installed the kit in less than 20 minutes, but I’m lucky that he’s pretty handy. I usually don’t even have the patience for reading instructions, but I’m certain he’ll tell you what a big help I was. Just kidding, don’t ask him. I just took photos the entire time 🙂

The kit even comes with a hand tool to drill holes in the wall for the inserts so no power tools are required; just a screwdriver was needed. We did find, however, that if you’re drilling through thicker drywall as we have, an issue arose with stripping the head of the tool. That made things a little more difficult, but not impossible.

The Legrand in wall power kit even came with a tool so only a screwdriver is required

Use the enclosed hand tool to drill two holes into your wall for the outlets

Once we had the upper and lower holes drilled, we fed the wires through. We also found that, since we installed the in wall power kit on an interior wall, we didn’t have to deal with insulation, so using the cord feed tool wasn’t really necessary.

Once the holes are drilled, feed the wires through the wall.

Once the holes are drilled and wires are fed through, attach the bracket

We are definitely pleased with the final outcome and how easy the installation was. We’re already planning on purchasing another Legrand In Wall Power Kit for our guest room!

Final product of the Legrand In Wall Power Kit

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