I never thought I would be writing a post with the word balls that didn’t include a sport. However, we were invited to give Manscaped a try and knew we had to share it with our readers.

Manscaped is a brand that produces a full line of specially formulated hygiene products and tools specially designed for grooming your, er, below-the-belt area.

And ladies, I’m not just talking to the men here. How perfect is this kit for your man for the holidays? Trust me, it benefits you, as well.

Manscaped grooming products for men

Why We Love Manscaped

With names like the The Shed, The Lawnmower, and Crop Cleanser, it’s no wonder that, in addition to a Shark Tank appearance, the company is so popular.

The sweet spot of their collection is their newly redesigned Lawn Mower 2.0. It’s an electric trimmer that is well-designed in its grip and balance. It features SkinSafeTM technology protects you from accidental nicks. Man or woman, we’ve all been there.

Manscaped 2.0 is ideal for manscaping.

Manscaped isn’t only about keeping your balls smooth. They also provide you with a line of deodorants, body washes, and more to keep you smelling and feeling fresh.

Benefits of Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0

  • SkinSafe™️ anti-nick tech reduces painful skin pulls, cuts, and hair tugs in your delicate man zones.
  • 6,000 RPM motor quickly shears through the thickest thatches of Peckerwood Forest.
  • QuietStroke™️ technology reduces noise and vibrations, giving you a quiet, confident grooming experience.
  • Rust-resistant, replaceable Snap-In™️ ceramic blade for uninterrupted sharp, Hyper-Hygienic™️ body trimming.
  • Makes your daily grooming routine more refined, masculine, and effective.

Cleverly, they’ve even designed, and package with the Perfect Package 2.0, are “Magic Mats”; disguised as a newspaper, its a mat that you stand on so that it collects your hair as it’s shaved.

If you’re married or live with roommates, it’s a must-use. If you live alone, sit on the can and use it as light bathroom reading. We don’t care.

The Lawn Mower from Manscaped

Thanks to our well-coiffed friends at Manscaped, you can get 20% off AND free shipping your purchase at Manscaped when you use promo code SEASALT!

They’re also giving one lucky reader their Perfect Package 2.0! You’ll get to see why Shark Tank went NUTS (pun intended) about Manscaped! Mark and Lori couldn’t say no to a men’s grooming tool this advanced and this efficient.

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