Martha Stewart doesn’t think that bloggers are experts. So what?

I don’t usually like to comment on ‘fad events’ such as this Martha Stewart comment about bloggers, but as a blogger here is my thought:

Most bloggers aren’t experts. We’re the trend setters. We share things that we like and that our readers like and we’re good at it. Doctors are not experts; they have ‘practices’ and on important issues, we get second opinions. If we are to believe that our blog readers visit only our blog when they’re researching a product or finding a recipe, then we’re blind to our craft.

Did I agree with the disgusted manner in which she said it? Absolutely not. Then again, I’ve never been a fan of Martha’s. I think she is condescending in the way she talks to people and even in the way she teaches me how to assemble a creative Thanksgiving centerpiece. Will I make the centerpiece? Probably. But I wouldn’t say she’s an expert in Thanksgiving centerpieces.

I will, however, shame Martha on addressing us as a collective idiot. Most bloggers post recipes that they love, whether they’re a slightly adjusted version of Betty Crocker’s or one they’ve built from the crust up, but they’ve made it their own either way – at least the respectable bloggers. Not ALL bloggers. We don’t ‘copy really good editors’, Martha. We ARE really good editors. Most of us. Not all. That’s like our saying all ex-cons have no manners. Hurts, doesn’t it, Martha?

Apparently, she doesn’t think that much about Gwenyth Paltrow, either.

9 thoughts on “Martha Stewart doesn’t think that bloggers are experts. So what?”

  • I would much rather follow and listen to a savvy blogger than go by the advice of a TV personality, especially one that has been handed everything her whole life. For the most part, bloggers are just like me and can make do and work with what we have on hand. I about died when I watched Martha Stewart cut up a set of very nice, very expensive, brand new terry hand towels to make a kid’s project that would be for play time. Anyone can do what she does with unlimited resources! Let her come to my house or to your house and see what can be done with only the materials at hand or the ones we come up with from scraps and hand me downs!! For that matter, let’s see what she can do with cheaper cuts of meat and canned goods, because that is all we can afford. I have made substitutions for substitutions when need be but I am sure she would never consider that or be in the position to have to. Bloggers are one of the reasons plus the fact I was raised with parents that grew up farming and grandparents that sharecropped someone else’s land. I was raised to be more than frugal. I was raised to use exactly what I had and to put love and time into cooking and creating to truly make a wonderful home, not live and work in a designed set with prep cooks and assistants at my disposal. I know I can speak for most of the blog followers out here. We are proud of the recipes and crafts you bring to us and for the truly helpful lessons you teach us about using what we have and gathering the things to us that give our families a better quality of life. You reach out and truly touch your followers and for one I feel blessed to have you all in my life a bit of each day. We are a wonderful community in and of itself and never need the approval or judgement of anyone, especially those that truly have no idea of what it means to make a home and raise a family with limited means. From me to you and from all those that agree, you all are the greatest and we appreciate and love the time you spend to be here with us each and every day!!! Love, from a very big blogger fan!! P.S. Please pass this on to all the bloggers you know. I know I can’t reach all bloggers to show my appreciation, but I know the power bloggers hold as a collective and would love to know that my love for all of you is passed on.

    • Thanks for the support 🙂 I’m glad that you see bloggers valuable in some way and we enjoy what we do, for sure. I agree, it’s easy to pass judgement when you’re in her position and while everyone is entitled to their opinion, this one was delved out with too much disrespect where it did not belong.

  • Funny, I don’t think Martha Stewart is an expert either. She is just good at what she does, just like some of us bloggers. Though in afterthought, I suppose if you want tips on how to swindle money, go to jail, think your better than bloggers, then hey! Take tips from Martha.

  • Martha should have thought before she opened her mouth. Her notoriety shouldn’t mean she can just make blanket statements without thinking them through.

  • I ran into Martha at fashion week in NYC not too long ago, we sat across from each other. She was cool but people were afraid to chat with her. I had a crafty friend that was on her reality show and he told me that she rarely comes up with any of the things you see her make or craft on her show. She basically re-works stuff thats sent to her. She needs to cool her heels and understand that bloggers aren’t going anywhere no time soon! It irks my a** when older people that are not hip with the times, have so much to say about something they clearly have no understanding of! Girl hursh up! Lol!

    • That’s a very good point! Many of her ideas are often repurposed and likely created by a team and not by her alone. Thanks for the comment!

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